Monday, March 1, 2010

We got away safe and sound...

March 1, 2010

OK- so I have a lot that I want to tell you about, because a lot has happened.
First, I want to say thank you for the package that I received a few days back. I love the calendar and the candy the newspaper clips and everything. Thank you so much for everything!! Ok so were to start? lol so on Tuesday I had a change with the leaders of the zone. I went to their sector and my comp stayed in ours. It was the third time that I had gone to the sector and the first two times it was really calm. Lol I think I told you guys about that sector with a lot of black people and wooden houses and all that kinda stuff, oh and it’s really dangerous. Anyway, so me and Elder Quiroga (or something like that) were walking back from lunch and this black guy with tattoos all over him walked up to us and shook our hands. He asked us how it was going and then asked us for all of our stuff like: watches, money, cell phones, and pretty much everything that we had that was worth anything. Lol he said that he had a weapon in his hand, which was in his backpack, so we couldn’t see. So my comp gave him his watch and I gave him a few quarters. I have a dollar and like fifty cents in my wallet. I ended up squeezing the wallet, so only 50 cents came out. Lol so I ended up saving a dollar without him knowing and my comp hid his money while he was robbing me. It was a little scary, but at the same time kinda funny. Lol he ended up getting about 50 cents and a 2 dollar watch out of the whole thing. Oh and we also offered him a Bible lol but re rejected it and took off. Lol but over all, nothing really happened, and we got away safe and sound. Lol so that was my first experience that I had that day, and that was like right after lunch. The second was that same day when we were returning back to the house. It was like 9:30 at night and we were heading back when we saw like 30 cop cars going flying by us. At the time we had no idea what happened, but as we walked a little bit farther down the road, I saw a group of people and the police. We ran over there and saw a guy lying in the road who I think had been hit by a car. It was the first time I have seen a dead person, and it was horrible, and I hope it’s the last. I don’t really want to go into details, but I would say that I felt so sick after seeing it, and I really hope that I don’t see anything like that again. Let’s just say that I don’t think I want to be a police officer or a fireman anymore, because I don’t really have the stomach for stuff like that, or I really just hate the feeling that I had. But anyway, it ended up being like the craziest day ever, and I don’t think I want to go back to that sector ever my comp and the other elders were so amazed at all that had happened. Ok so one more thing that happened that was kinda freaky. Ok so I don’t know if you have heard, well am pretty sure that you guys have heard about the earthquake in Chile that happened a few days back. Well a few days back I was sleeping and when I woke up the house moving or my bed was moving. At first I thought it was a bus that had passed, because we live on the third flour and when a bus passes the house normally shakes, but I looked out the window and didn’t see anything. After it had stopped I went back to bed. When I woke up, I asked my comp and also another elder in our apartment and they all had felt it too. Also a few members and people that we talked to all felt it to about 5 in the morning. I came to the conclusion that it was probably the same earthquake that had hit Chili, but only a lot smaller. It was kinda crazy because we talked to the members and they all said that one has never hit here. And right now I’m really hoping that one never does. But ya that was a kinda crazy experience. Lol ok so am writing way too much about the things that don’t even matter. Ok so about the investigators that we have. Ok first we have Victor Alaba. We have been working with him for a long time, but this last week he got really sick and now he is in the hospital. They say that it might be awhile before he gets out because he almost died. The thing was that he got a really bad cold and then stopped eating and never really got better, only worse. So now we are waiting and praying that he will get better. We also have Carmon Canstante and she is doing so good. She accepted our invitation to pray about a baptism date on the 20 of this month, and I really think she is going to accept it. Her testimony has grown so much, and I know that she knows these things are true. We are just praying and hoping that she will accept the date that we have for her. Ok so we do have a few that are progressing a lot, but still I’m not to sure about them. If anything changes I’ll be sure to let you guys know. Hey so yesterday we had a cool experience. Ok so me and my comp were walking in the street and we had stopped to look at our agendas. As we were sitting there I felt this really strong feeling that we needed to walk down the street or we needed to leave. I told my comp that we needed to go, and as we turned and started walking this guy that had been walking up behind us started yelling. He sounded really mad and like he wanted to kill us. He was saying about every bad word that you cold think of in Spanish and in English. We turned down the next street and he continued down the next street still yelling and screaming. I’m not really sure what would have happened if we had stayed there and let him approach us. But I am sure that the reason that nothing happened was because the Spirit told me that we should leave. Once again I don’t know how to explain it, but all I know that it was almost like a voice or just a really strong feeling that we needed to go. It’s little experiences like these that really have made the biggest difference in the mission. I know with all my heart that it was that Spirit speaking to me, and I know that we are doing the work of the Lord. I know that this church is true and that God loves each and every one of us, and he will always be there for us. Ok one more story lol and this one also happened the same night of the last experience. After the screaming guy left, me and my comp continued looking for people to find. We had been looking like all the day and had not found anyone. We were having a lot of rejections, to say the least. We had worked until like 8:40 and still hadn’t found anyone. I was starting to get tired and kinda wanted to go back to the apartment because it was getting late. I asked my comp, but he said that he wanted to go to one more name that we had on his list. I agreed, and we began walking to this house. We knocked on the door that we thought was the house and got denied. lol After that I was like, ya let’s go, no one likes us. Lol but my comp wanted to go to one more house. I agreed, and we knocked on the next door. It was a family of five and they accepted us in the house and listened to our message. They seemed to be a great family and we have another appointment later. But ya, it was cool because I know that my comp was also guided by the Spirit to go to that house. We were able to find and accomplish our goal for the week because we found 7 new people. But I am so glade that we have the Spirit to guide us in this work. Anyway I really gotta go, but I want you to all know that I love you all so much, and I miss you even more. Thanks for all that you do love you all.

Con amor, Elder Keables

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  1. This letter is exactly why we pray for Spencer everyday!