Monday, March 8, 2010

My legs were sooo tired...

March 8, 2010
Hola familia como están? Como han pasado? Espero que todo este bien haya en chico. Lol Hey ok English- so how are you? It sounds like everything is going really good. Hey mom thanks for the messages that you sent me between you and Lili (I included Facebook messages from Lili and I back and forth, thinking Spencer would enjoy reading them.) I love reading that kind of stuff. Ya I really did have a crazy week last week, but this week was a lot better or a lot calmer. So you saw a few pics of me and Elder Daniels lol which ones were they? Lol ya I’ll ask him how he does that and maybe I’ll send some next week if I can. Actually I bought a CD today and I’m going to try to put the pics I have on the CD and send then out soon. I really want to send these pics because I have so many and they are soo cool. I have some pretty good ones. Right now I’m trying to figure this all out. I bought this other memory card, so I can put my pics on it so I have my camera with pics and also my memory card. So I’ll try putting everything on one CD and send it out by next week. So that is my plan so that you guys can see the pics soon. Ok so my week actually was really kind of slow. We ended up contacting like a million people in the sector and not one of them wanted to listen to us. Well, actually we did find 2 new investigators. But it was really kind of a hard week. My legs were sooo tired because we had walked in the streets like all day for about 6 or 7 hours. We do still have some investigators that are making a lot of progress, which really helps. We are still teaching Carmon Castanti and she is really doing well. She accepted a baptism date for the 20, I think it is. So we are just working hard with her to get her prepared. She has a testimony right now but she still wants a little bit more of an answer. The good thing is that she is reading and praying almost everyday. Every scripture that we have given her she has read. We are really just trying to strengthen her testimony of the ldm. We have asked her how she feels when she is reading, and she told us the she feels really good or peace and joy. We have tried to explain that those are answers from the Lord. I know that she will get baptism, but it’s just a matter of time. So we are just working praying and fasting that she will gain a strong enough testimony to make a covenant with the Lord, or to act on it. She really has changed is so many ways and it’s amazing to see that change. The hardest thing we have experienced would be just all the people that reject us. It’s not sad that we didn’t get to teach them so that we could up our number, but it’s sad because I have seen the change that the gospel has in the life of those who accept it. When they reject us, they are rejecting the most important thing in this life that could change their life for always. I wish every person would just take the time to read the Book of Mormon, then pray and I know that they would receive an answer that the gospel has been restored on the earth. I so wish that everyone could come to that knowledge, or just do the things we ask them to do or really the things the Lord has asked them to do. That would be the hardest thing out here on the mish, because we meet some of the nicest people but they just don’t want to listen. Maybe someday. Well, I really can’t think of that much that happened this week. Oh that crazy guy that I was telling about awhile back who hated us at first and then started liking us is now hating us again. Lol he wanted us to get him a passport and help him leave Ecuador. When we said we couldn’t do it, he got really mad .lol he really is crazy, and now we are way scared that he is going to do something crazy. lol so we are just watching out for him. Lol so ya, not much has changed since the last time I wrote you all. I think I’m going to try and figure out the pictures and all that stuff right now so I’ve got to go. But I want you to all know that I love you all sooooo very much. I hope that you are all doing great there. Let me know if anything crazy happens lol I’m looking forward to getting a letter soon to hear how things are going. Well I’ve got to run. I love you all so very much. Love you!!!!!!
Elder Keables

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