Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

Hola family!
Hey everyone? How are you? Mom, did Ryan get his letter that I sent him? Did you guys get last weeks email? I’ll probably get a letter from you later today. I got the shoes today they are pretty sick! Thank you so much. I’ll probably have to buy a brown belt in Ecuador to go with them. Anywho, I’m doing good, only 2 and half more weeks until I leave. I can’t wait! I have heard more about Ecuador and most people I have talked to said that I will definitely get jumped at least one time on the mish. lol I cant wait to write home about something crazy like that. It’s going to be hahit! We have been teaching in Spanish for 1 week now, and it’s still so hard! I am learning so much more though. It seems that everything we have learned since being here is all coming together. It’s kind of nice! We will be starting on teaching the second lesson next week, so we will see how that goes. There are so many elders here that are so cool and I’m still having a good time. We went to the temple again today and I did sealings. It was amazing. I learned so much. The guy was so nice that was doing the sealing. Hey do you know if Whitney got my email that I sent her? How is everyone doing back at home? How is Tyler? I haven't heard from him? Well I gotta go now. I love you all, and I miss you! I look forward to hearing from you. Only two weeks and I get to call!

Elder Keables

Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009

Hey fam!
Hey everyone! Ok am looking forward to that dear elder. The only friends who have dear eldered me are Cody and Taylor. I did receive a letter from big worm, though, which was pretty cool. So how are things back at home? You probably told me that in you dear elder, but just wondering. Ok, so where to start? I made a list so I can remember all the things I want to tell you. First off, we had a devotional the other day and Jeffrey R Holland and his wife gave talks. They were amazing! You could really feel the Spirit so strongly. Elder Holland talked about the importance of mission. It really got me motivated, but it was a great devotional. So I think I told you about this in my last letter, how we can call people and answer any questions that they might have. We normally offer them BOM or a Bible. Sometimes they call for those videos, like Finding Faith in Christ. Well I have had a few cool experiences on that. This one lady called the wrong number, and I talked to her for a while and was able to send her a both a BOM and a Bible, so that was pretty cool. I also talked to this one guy who wanted me to send him a Book of Mormon, and I talked to him for like a half an hour. Eventually I sent the missionaries to his house and gave him the address to the closest church. Anyways, Spanish is going pretty well. We have to teach all our lessons in Spanish now. I also have tried going all day speaking Spanish, but I only made it to lunch, but I’m working on it. I heard some cool stories about Ecuador. One of the kids in my zone’s brother went to the same mission as me. He said there are a lot of gangs in Ecuador and they all love the missionaries. One time one of the missionaries got his ring stolen and he told this guy who was the leader of a gang. A few weeks later he got a package in the mail with the ring and the finger! Lol! pretty cool! They also heard gun shots a lot. So I saw Ben Cryer the other day. I tried talking to him, but he had to go. I’ll let you know how he is next time I see him. I gotta say, I miss everyone very much. My district is really cool, though. One of my roommates is really a nice guy. We already have plans for after the mish. He is going to Ecuador, too. But everything is going pretty good. So how is Lili doing? I haven't received anything from her for 2 weeks. Have you guys talked to her? I think she is really busy getting ready for school. Well I gotta go. Tell everyone I said hi, and I’m doing great. If you see any of my friends from school tell them I said hi. Tell Julia and Ryan thanks for writing me. I love you all and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for everything!
~Elder Keables

Monday, September 14, 2009

A letter, plus two pictures from Spenc today...

September 12, 2009

Hola mi familia!
Hey everyone! So guess what? I have been on my mish for one month already. Can you believe that? So you guys all went camping or you stayed at the cabin? Those pix were pretty amazing. The water looks so good to swim in! We definitely need to do that when I get back. I was looking at the photo album and thinking of all the things I want to do when I get back. And I am already coming up with a big list! Anyway, so guess what? I talked to John Beasley’s hermana. She is speaking Spanish, also. I talked to some guy who is from Paradise. He was in my group for the temple dedication, so that was pretty cool. Mom, remember when you were telling me about those three brothers that are all going to Chile? Well, I have seen all of them and one is even in my zone, which is pretty cool. I talked to him for a little bit and he is a really nice guy. Hey, Dad you know how I don’t like making phone calls very much? Well, here at the MTC there is a place called the RC where we answer phone calls all day and answer any questions that people might have. And to tell you the truth, I love doing that! There are a few people who are in bad moods, but for the most part they are all pretty cool. It’s the best feeling to be able to help people out and answer any questions or concerns they might have. I think it’s probably my favorite thing to do here. It’s the closest real experience that you can have while in the MTC to missionary work. I have to admit though; I am getting pretty tired of this place. I wish I just knew Spanish and could leave for Ecuador tomorrow. But I don’t, so I guess I’ll just have to wait. I really can’t wait, though. I have heard so may cool experiences and stories that some of our teachers have had, and they get me so pumped. We were at a fireside last Sunday when one of the speakers shared a really cool experience. The speaker was an older guy talking about his mission. He was talking about an older guy that he was able to help his family be sealed in the temple. Four generations later the speaker was still in touch with the family. Actually, the great- great-grandson was sitting in the very front row. He was a missionary, just like the rest of us. It was really cool to see the bond that develops between missionaries and the families. They have such an amazing gratitude and love for each other, and the friendships last forever. I really hope that I can be the same kind of missionary that my teachers and speakers were.

So mom, you should teach everyone to use dear elder because I love hearing from you all. I love getting letters! It’s what I look forward to every day. But thanks again for everything. I love you all. I miss you all very much. I hope everything is going great back at home.
Love you ALL,
Elder Keables
P.S. Dad, thanks for the sports updates. Keep them coming!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Today's Email Message, Short but Sweet!

September 11, 2009

Hey family!

I got your Dear Elder message today. Thank you very much! It’s nice to hear how everyone is doing. Tell dad I’ll try to send him some MTC Mountain Dews. lol So I already wrote a letter for home, so I’ll send it today. I’ll send you a few more pics. Hey, when you answer back to my emails could you just dear elder me because they only give me a half an hour to read and send the emails. So I don’t really know what to say to you all because I already wrote you a letter. Right after this I’m going to email Whit. Anyway can you believe it’s already been one month? That’s crazy to me! It feels so long, but it also feels so short. I have not heard anything about my travel plans. Normally you get those like two weeks before you leave. Yes I have been able to go to the temple. I have already done 4 sessions. I actually went today. We go every Fri, first thing in the morning. It’s really a beautiful temple, especially inside! I always look forward to p-days because we get to go the temple and write home! I don’t know if I told you this but we have some like big Tongan guys here, and they always come to our room. They are pretty much the biggest missionaries ever! They walk around with big things of peanut butter. They are always eating, and they are extremely nice people, too. They will give you anything they have. If you say you like their shoes or shirt, they take it off and give it to you. lol It’s pretty entertaining around here. Well, I need to go now, so I’ll talk to you later. Tell everyone that I love them and miss them.

Elder Keables

New Pictures from MTC

Janae received a letter from Spencer yesterday, and it included these pictures:

Spencer in front of the Provo Temple, looking like a model, or something :)

I think he's a little big for this couch!

At the Provo Temple with a group of other missionaries.

The nerdy side of Spencer!

This one's for you, Cody! Caffeine-free Mountain Dew at the MTC!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One More Picture From the MTC

I just found this picture on my phone. I guess I missed it somehow. It's slightly ironic that Spencer, the missionary, is dressed in p-day clothes, while Jordan the returned missionary is dressed in his church clothes. I was hoping to get a picture of both of them in suits and "Elder Keables" tags, but I guess I can't have everything :-)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spencer and Jordan Together

Jordan took these two videos on his cell phone, so the quality is not the best, but they are still fun! Also, it was Spencer's p-day, so he wasn't dressed in a suit, but Jordan was dressed up. I think they were both surprised by that. :-)

Brothers' Reunion...

September 4, 2009

Hey mom,

Well, I got to see Jordan. I actually just got done talking to him a few hours ago. It was so cool to be able to see him again. He really looks the same. So he told me how everyone is doing and it sounds like your doing fine. He also told me that Lili came over for family home evening. That’s really cool. Anyways, I am doing good. Ok, so the language is going good, I guess. In two weeks we have to start teaching all our lessons in Spanish. It’s going to get crazy! Jordan taped a bit of my Spanish, it’s not very good but I’m working on it. Can you tell Whitney sorry that I didn't get the opportunity to email her- I’m trying to learn how to check-in and I keep forgetting my password, and it takes me forever. Tell her that I will write her soon or email her. So you guys were able to go the lake? That’s so cool and not fair. Those pics were amazing! We definitely need to do there when I get back. Thanks so much for the harmonica and songs. I’m going to love that, and thanks for everything else. Hey any time you feel like dear eldering me, go for it and tell everyone else that I would love to here from them. lol Well I've got to go.

Love you all, and I’ll talk to you later!!
Elder Keables

August 22, 2009

Hey Family!
Hola mi familia! Thank you so much for the package. I loved it! Thanks for the cookies. They were so good. Everyone loved them. They pretty much were gone as soon as I opened the package. But now when anyone else gets something, I wont’ feel guilty for eating their stuff! It was really nice to hear how everyone was doing. So Jordan liked the Jeep? That’s good-I knew he would. Tell Ryan that I miss him and that we will go swimming when I get back. Tell everyone else Hi for me. Janae if you read this, good luck with the Jetta! OK, time to answer some questions. The MTC is amazing! It’s also really a lot of work. I feel like my testimony has grown so much. Yesterday me and my companion had a really cool experience. So a few times a week we have the opportunity to give a lesson to a teacher who acts like an investigator. Sos we knocked on the door ot this classroom and Sister Wilkin cam to the door. She is the teacher. So she did a really good job at acting angry. It took a lot of talking for her to finally let us inside to give her the first lesson. I was so nervous because I knew she would tell us what we did wrong when we messed up. I was struggling with what to say and trying my hardest to find the right words. I didn’t really know what to do so I decided to share my testimony. After that it was amazing how her attitude changed. I really felt the Spirit for the first time while teaching. I was not worried about what to say, it just came to me. We were able to give the lesson better than I thought we could, definitely better than we had ever done. After that she told us that we did amazing! She said it was perfect and that she would like it if we would set up another appointment. So we could practice a progressive investigator. That was a really awesome experience. I truly know what it means to teach with the Spirit. Ok, so the language is very difficult, but it’s coming. I know how to say half a prayer in espanol. I told you about my companion and my room mates. Oh, they are all going to the exact same mission as me. My district is great. They are all really easy to get along with and every one of them has such strong testimonies. I have the funniest Elder in my district, Elder Larson. He is kind of over-weight, and he is not embarrassed about it. I have almost died laughing at him. He is actually sitting right next to me talking about how stupid a dragonfly is. LOL. The food is great, but I have never spent more time on the el bano (look it up) in my life! I think I have learned most of my espanol on it. JK! Yes, I have had the opportunity to play basketball- 5 days a week, it’s great! The games don’t normally get that intense, so I think my shoulder will be fine. I don’t really have a favorite part of the MTC. It’s hard, but I’m enjoying every single minute of it. I have come to know more than ever that this is where God wants me to be. I love the gospel and can’t wait to share it with the people in Ecuador. Thank you so much for everything. I love you all so much and look forward to reading the next letter. Odios!
Elder Keables
P.S. My p-day is on Friday!

First Letter Home- August 15, 2009

August 15th, 2009

Hola family!
How are your all? How are things going back in Chico? Do you miss me yet? Well, I sure miss you! Well the MTC is great. I am learning so much. Today is the 3rd day and I can already introduce myself and my companion in Spanish. I have alos given a prayer and bore my testimony. There is so much time sitting and studying andn so much food. I’ave been trying to workout, but I think I am gaining weight. The food is definitely no as good or healthy as mom’s. I am really going to miss your cooking mom! So I’ll tell you about my companion. He is a convert to the church. He was the first in his family. Right before he got here he baptized his little bro and his mom and dad. He is a great guy and really fun to be around. My two other room mates are also really cool. They all have very strong testimonies. It is amazing how much I have grown already and learned. OK, so I am doing my laundry righ now and I left something in my picket so everything was pretty orange. Hopefully, when it gets out of the dryer it will be clean. It not, I’ll have somem colorful shirts It’s funny RM’s always told me that thye had a great ime in the MTC, but they failed to say how hard it was. But I know it will pay off. I look forward to hearing from you. And I love you all!
Elder Keables
P.S. use Dear Elder!

There He Goes....

Favorite Pictures From the Week Spencer Left..

A few nights before Spencer left, a bunch of friends came over to say goodbye. An outstanding group of young people!
At the airport, Spencer can't resist pulling his sisters' hair one last time.
Ryan and Spencer- best buddies
The 5:00 am gathering at the Chico Airport to see him off.
Great Chico friends!

Some of Spencer's best friends from Hamilton
Tuesday evening after Spencer was set apart as a missionary
The Family (minus a few, of course)

Spencer was off limits for hugs from Lili now that he was officially set apart.
One last shot with the family. Hopefully, in two years we will all be there for his homecoming!