Monday, September 14, 2009

A letter, plus two pictures from Spenc today...

September 12, 2009

Hola mi familia!
Hey everyone! So guess what? I have been on my mish for one month already. Can you believe that? So you guys all went camping or you stayed at the cabin? Those pix were pretty amazing. The water looks so good to swim in! We definitely need to do that when I get back. I was looking at the photo album and thinking of all the things I want to do when I get back. And I am already coming up with a big list! Anyway, so guess what? I talked to John Beasley’s hermana. She is speaking Spanish, also. I talked to some guy who is from Paradise. He was in my group for the temple dedication, so that was pretty cool. Mom, remember when you were telling me about those three brothers that are all going to Chile? Well, I have seen all of them and one is even in my zone, which is pretty cool. I talked to him for a little bit and he is a really nice guy. Hey, Dad you know how I don’t like making phone calls very much? Well, here at the MTC there is a place called the RC where we answer phone calls all day and answer any questions that people might have. And to tell you the truth, I love doing that! There are a few people who are in bad moods, but for the most part they are all pretty cool. It’s the best feeling to be able to help people out and answer any questions or concerns they might have. I think it’s probably my favorite thing to do here. It’s the closest real experience that you can have while in the MTC to missionary work. I have to admit though; I am getting pretty tired of this place. I wish I just knew Spanish and could leave for Ecuador tomorrow. But I don’t, so I guess I’ll just have to wait. I really can’t wait, though. I have heard so may cool experiences and stories that some of our teachers have had, and they get me so pumped. We were at a fireside last Sunday when one of the speakers shared a really cool experience. The speaker was an older guy talking about his mission. He was talking about an older guy that he was able to help his family be sealed in the temple. Four generations later the speaker was still in touch with the family. Actually, the great- great-grandson was sitting in the very front row. He was a missionary, just like the rest of us. It was really cool to see the bond that develops between missionaries and the families. They have such an amazing gratitude and love for each other, and the friendships last forever. I really hope that I can be the same kind of missionary that my teachers and speakers were.

So mom, you should teach everyone to use dear elder because I love hearing from you all. I love getting letters! It’s what I look forward to every day. But thanks again for everything. I love you all. I miss you all very much. I hope everything is going great back at home.
Love you ALL,
Elder Keables
P.S. Dad, thanks for the sports updates. Keep them coming!

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