Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictures from this week...

I feel like I am growing in every aspect in my life...

July 26, 2010
Hey Fam,
Hey mom, dad and everyone else, how are you all? It sounds like things are going good, just like every week. It’s always so nice to hear from you guys and to hear how life is going back at home. I am really looking forward to one of the update letters that should come in the mail tomorrow. I can’t believe that is been one year since Craig had his accident. Time goes by way too fast. I was able to write a letter for their family, but it’s not finished. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to finish. That was one of the hardest letters that I have ever written. I hope what I have wrote will help them in some way. I just shared a few scriptures and my testimony. I guess it’s not he words that I could say or that I wrote, but the Spirit they feel while reading it. I hope and pray that it will help in some way and am praying for them everyday. I also I will be praying for Lili and her family. Thanks for telling me about that mom. I’ll be sure to make a little bit of time to write something to Lili. Also I’m going to send a letter out for her today or tomorrow. Ok its good to hear that Cody is so excited about the mission. I am also way excited. Time is going by so fast and I can’t wait to see him when he gets here. He really is going to love Ecuador. Tell him if he wants to get a taste of Ecuador he should start eating rice everyday because that’s what he is going to eat for two years straight. Lol no joke. Right before writing you guys today I just eat like 2 pounds of rice. Ok about our investigators. So we have a few investigators that are really just amazing. Yesterday we had two that went to church that look the most promising. One of them is Omar and he is 21 years old. We had never taught him before, just the sister missionaries that have a sector right next to us. He lives in our sector and just showed up to church by himself. He seems really cool and really excited about the Gospel. He also has a few friends that are members. We are going to teach him for the first time later today and try and put the date for the 7 of August. We also are teaching a younger kid named Jayson. He is 14 years old and is so funny. He says that he wants to be a member just like his friends. He went to church yesterday for the first time and loved it. He said everyone knew his name and he didn’t know anyone’s. But he is really excited and wants to be baptized. Things are really going good. I love the mission, although its one of the hardest things I have ever done and requires a lot of patience. But I feel like I am growing in every aspect in my life and becoming the person I have always wanted to be. Lol but at the same time I feel the same. Lol not really to sure how to explain it. Mom and Dad, I now see why you wanted me to go on the mission so badly and Tyler and Jordan also Ryan. It’s only been about one year but it’s been the best one year so far. It’s a great learning experience. I have had the opportunity to learn and study a lot more than normal in this last week because my companion has been a little sick and we couldn’t leave the house until the sun went down at 7 every day. He is doing a lot better and only has to stay in the house 3 more days, because he got really burnt by the sun. But it’s cool because I was able to write the letter that I wanted and also do a lot of studying. I would rather be outside working but, it’s cool- I’m learning a lot!!! So there is not a lot to tell you about because I spent so much time in the house. I did finish El Libro de Mormon for the second time in Spanish. It’s sweet because I pretty much understand everything while reading it now. Oh I found a scripture that I really like and I want you guys to read it. It’s one of my favorites. It’s in Moroni 8:16! I like it a lot. If we have true faith, hope and love in Christ, we will have no fear from man. I just want you guys to know that I know that this is the work of the Lord and I love this work!! I love you all and miss you all!! I hope that you all have the best week!! And I look forward to hearing from you!! love you All!!!
P.S. In the pics, my comp is the little guy to my right, and the one am arm wrestling with.

With lots of love,
Elder Keables

Monday, July 19, 2010

I know that this is where I need to be and that this is the work of the Lord...

July 19, 2010
Hey family!!!!
Hey Hey Hey How are you all??? Things sound like they are changing so much every day! For me things feel like they are just staying the same. I was thinking about and I know why the mission goes by so fast. It’s because you do the same thing everyday, so like 3 months later, it still feels like yesterday. But when you think about it, it really has been a long time and that you really have had so many good experiences. But really I am doing great, and I am having a blast. This week was a lot easier, and I don’t feel homesick as much. Did I tell you that one of the guys in our house is from California? His name is Elder Bincki or something like that. But he is sooooo funny. Really, he makes thing so interesting in the house. I’ll be sure to send some videos home of him. I know that you guys will laugh. All I have to do is just look at him and I start laughing. lol jk But he totally reminds me of Taylor sometimes. Not the way he looks, just the way he is. lol One thing that’s cool about the mission, I feel like I have made so many new friends. I feel like if someone is a missionary they are my friend. lol I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s cool. I just feel so comfortable talking to them. lol Anyway it was nice to read a few messages from my Facebook (I pasted his birthday messages into his the email message to him) lol wow it’s been forever since the last time I have heard from them. How is Anthony doing? Is he going to play basketball in Montana? I wrote him a letter but just forgot to send it. lol I’ll have to do that. I don’t even know who is Steven Sylvester is, but that’s cool. lol no maybe I do, I just have a bad memory. Hey so how is Cody doing? Today I went to the office of the mission because my comp is a little sick. But when I got there, I was talking to the secretary and he showed me all the info about Cody and his picture and everything. lol I totally got my ways to get in the system, and know Cody is going to be my comp. lol No, but I did see his page that they have about him. It was crazy to see that he is coming here! I still find it hard to believe. ok so talking about Lili- man I don’t know what she is talking about. “I just wanted to give him a taste of his own :)” l have been sending like at least 2 letters every week since I got here in Ecuador. lol There must be something wrong with the postal service or there is someone who just loves reading my letters and is stealing them. lol No I’m really joking, she does have a point. I have been a little bit slow with the letters, but I have never waited more than a month to send a letter. lol but that is kind of funny. I can’t wait for those letters. oh -before I forget- can you tell Tyler that I said happy birthday and that I love him! Ok- so talking about baptism dates, we are still working hard. The investigators that we have didn’t go to church this last week, so they lost their dates. We are working as hard as we can to help them feel the true desire to change their lives and to actually act on that desire or just show some real progress. We have a few investigators that seem really good, they just need a little more help. Everything is going great! The mission is the hardest thing in my whole life, but it is the best. It’s just like that time me and Jordan climbed Mount Shasta. It was the hardest and we thought we would never want to do it again, but really I would do it again in a heartbeat. Sometimes I miss the old life, but I know that this is where I need to be and that this is the work of the Lord. There are a lot of people that think that the Mormons or that our church is just like any other religion, or just a way of life. But the more time I have and the more my testimony grows I realize that it’s a lot more than that. The gospel is everything!! I love the church, and I love the message that I have been called to teach. This is the true church. It’s not only a good religion or a organization, it’s the only way to return and live with our Heavenly Father and our families forever!!! I want you guys to know that I know that this is the true church and this is the work of the Lord. I love you guys all so much and miss you all so much. I feel so lucky to have family and friends like all of you. I hope you all have the best week ever!!! lol I know- I am weird!! I love you all!! Chao!!

Con Amor,
Elder Keables

Monday, July 12, 2010

Some of the people here have so much faith...

Hey Family!!
Hey you guys!! Hey how are you all!! I hope you had a good week. Well I am doing great. I had a good week, but at the same time it was a little bit hard. It’s hard having a bday and it feeling like the same as everyday. I loved the presents that you sent. Thanks for the ties and the shirt and the jerky and the food and pies. It was just perfect. Oh and best of all, thanks for the pictures. It’s crazy because some of the family look a little bit older, not a lot but a little bit. I can’t believe that today I have 11 months in the mission. And I can’t believe that it’s almost been a year since Craig’s death. I will definitely write the family. Thanks for the address. I don’t know why but in the last 6 or 7 months I haven’t felt homesick, but now that I am coming up on a year, I have felt it a little. Maybe because of the birthday, or just thinking about what happened to Craig. I am not really to sure. I was actually talking about Craig with one of the missionaries in our house today. I am going to write it this week. Ok so to answer some of your questions. Yes it sounds good, your new plan mom. It’s fine with me if you just respond to my last emails. Actually I really haven’t heard from Lili for a little bit. It’s been about a month since the last letter or about 3 weeks. I imagine she is really busy these days. I did write her a letter this last week and sent it, so she should be getting that pretty soon. If you talk to her, let me know how she is doing. She sounded good in the last letter that I read.
Ok to tell you a little bit about what’s going on here. Ok so right now we have 3 investigators with dates for baptism. Two of them are on the 31st of this month and the other is on 14th of August. I wanted to tell you about one whose name is Jorge. He is about 30 years old and just broke up with his girlfriend that he had for 10 years. He has a lot of problems or had, but really, really wants to change. The cool thing is that he is reading and praying and really making progress. Every time we have visited him he says he feels so much better. When we visited him last, he told us that he had been drinking. We pulled out the palabra de sabiduria or word of wisdom pamphlet and taught him about that. He said he wants to change, but it’s hard because of his friends. He is really doing good, and I think he will be baptized. He looks like the best investigator that we have about right now. We do have another one whose name is Luis, and he also is really cool. lol he is in his late 20’s and has like 3 kids and is not married. We are working hard to help them prepare. But really things are going great here. I am learning so much everyday. I can’t believe that I will have a year pretty soon. It’s weird how fast time goes by. I feel I was just writing you about how I hate being the new guy and now I am older comp and out of the 4 missionaries in our house only one has more time then me. I still can’t wait for Cody to get here. It’s going to be so sick. lol I was going to send pics this week but things didn’t really work out.. I promise to send them the next week that is coming. ok so I have a question. Ok so Jake sent me a card and I want to send him one back, but I really can’t understand the return address. He wrote my address all pretty but the return address is hard to read. I don’t want to mess up so I was wondering if you could send me his address? That would be great if you could. Well I don’t really know what else to tell you about. I am loving the mission. Really this is really the best experience in the world. The one thing that I love about the mission, and something that has helped grow so much, is just meeting and seeing so many different types of people. It really has helped my testimony grow so much. To see those in the church that are so active and that go above and beyond compared to those we are just members going through the motions or those members that are less active or to those that don’t have the gospel in their lives. The people that are true followers of Christ, that go above and beyond, that truly magnify their callings are those that are truly blessed. I have had the great blessing to see the happiness that they have and the blessing that they have received or their faithfulness. They are truly the happiest people I see. There are so many people like that or members like that who have had a big impact on my life or have been such a good example for me that it helps me see who I want to become. Some of the people here have so much faith. It’s amazing or they are just so dedicated. If I could, I would like to encourage all of you, every single one of you in the family, to try and be more active in missionary work. Try giving some references to the missionaries. I really can’t explain to you how important it is to always give references to the missionaries. Also, just always look for ways to share the gospel, and if promise you guys will see the blessings of your efforts. I don’t know if I make a lot of sense. You all probably think I’m crazy, but it’s true. Those who serve others and share the gospel are the happiest and most blessed. Anyway I’ve got to go, but I want you all to know that I love you all so much. I miss you all and hope you have a great week. Thanks for the presents and everything! Love you all!!

Con Amor,
Elder Keables

Monday, July 5, 2010

I understand him 100 percent...

July 5, 2010

Hey family how are you all? Thanks for the letters or the emails. I think that’s the most I have ever had. lol wow! I love you all sooooooooooooooooo much. ok so to answer your questions really quick. ok so yes I did open the one with the jam and everything got to me just fine. The jam was soooo good! I really loved it and also my comp. lol they do have peanut butter here but it is like 50 bucks for one little jar so thanks alot I loved it. Really that jam was like a little bit of heaven in my mouth. lol ok so my companion is really cool. We get along just great as of now, and I think that we will be good. It is so much better because I don’t have any problems understanding what he wants to say to me. I understand him 100 percent. Sometimes I have to ask him what a word means. lol the only hard thing is just not making a lot of mistakes, but he is helping me a lot. and for the last question yes I did meet the president and his wife and they are so cool. He is so funny and she just looked scared out of her mind, but also really cool. They are going to be great. Venezuela is where he they are from. They are here with their 2 kids. When we had the gathering where he talked to all of us I met Kyle Wagner’s friend. I have met him before at the encampment for Scouts. But it was cool to talk to him and see how he is doing. oh I also talked to an elder that served in Cuanta, Ecuador and he had talked with Brandon’s sister, or Whitney’s husbands sister and she said to the missionary to say hi to me. lo so that was weird. Small world. ok well I really got to get going because I have ran out of time. but I just want to say thank you all for sending me emails and packages. I love you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and miss you all a lot too. Time is going by fast. Love you all!

-Con Amor,
Elder Keables