Monday, July 26, 2010

I feel like I am growing in every aspect in my life...

July 26, 2010
Hey Fam,
Hey mom, dad and everyone else, how are you all? It sounds like things are going good, just like every week. It’s always so nice to hear from you guys and to hear how life is going back at home. I am really looking forward to one of the update letters that should come in the mail tomorrow. I can’t believe that is been one year since Craig had his accident. Time goes by way too fast. I was able to write a letter for their family, but it’s not finished. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to finish. That was one of the hardest letters that I have ever written. I hope what I have wrote will help them in some way. I just shared a few scriptures and my testimony. I guess it’s not he words that I could say or that I wrote, but the Spirit they feel while reading it. I hope and pray that it will help in some way and am praying for them everyday. I also I will be praying for Lili and her family. Thanks for telling me about that mom. I’ll be sure to make a little bit of time to write something to Lili. Also I’m going to send a letter out for her today or tomorrow. Ok its good to hear that Cody is so excited about the mission. I am also way excited. Time is going by so fast and I can’t wait to see him when he gets here. He really is going to love Ecuador. Tell him if he wants to get a taste of Ecuador he should start eating rice everyday because that’s what he is going to eat for two years straight. Lol no joke. Right before writing you guys today I just eat like 2 pounds of rice. Ok about our investigators. So we have a few investigators that are really just amazing. Yesterday we had two that went to church that look the most promising. One of them is Omar and he is 21 years old. We had never taught him before, just the sister missionaries that have a sector right next to us. He lives in our sector and just showed up to church by himself. He seems really cool and really excited about the Gospel. He also has a few friends that are members. We are going to teach him for the first time later today and try and put the date for the 7 of August. We also are teaching a younger kid named Jayson. He is 14 years old and is so funny. He says that he wants to be a member just like his friends. He went to church yesterday for the first time and loved it. He said everyone knew his name and he didn’t know anyone’s. But he is really excited and wants to be baptized. Things are really going good. I love the mission, although its one of the hardest things I have ever done and requires a lot of patience. But I feel like I am growing in every aspect in my life and becoming the person I have always wanted to be. Lol but at the same time I feel the same. Lol not really to sure how to explain it. Mom and Dad, I now see why you wanted me to go on the mission so badly and Tyler and Jordan also Ryan. It’s only been about one year but it’s been the best one year so far. It’s a great learning experience. I have had the opportunity to learn and study a lot more than normal in this last week because my companion has been a little sick and we couldn’t leave the house until the sun went down at 7 every day. He is doing a lot better and only has to stay in the house 3 more days, because he got really burnt by the sun. But it’s cool because I was able to write the letter that I wanted and also do a lot of studying. I would rather be outside working but, it’s cool- I’m learning a lot!!! So there is not a lot to tell you about because I spent so much time in the house. I did finish El Libro de Mormon for the second time in Spanish. It’s sweet because I pretty much understand everything while reading it now. Oh I found a scripture that I really like and I want you guys to read it. It’s one of my favorites. It’s in Moroni 8:16! I like it a lot. If we have true faith, hope and love in Christ, we will have no fear from man. I just want you guys to know that I know that this is the work of the Lord and I love this work!! I love you all and miss you all!! I hope that you all have the best week!! And I look forward to hearing from you!! love you All!!!
P.S. In the pics, my comp is the little guy to my right, and the one am arm wrestling with.

With lots of love,
Elder Keables

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