Monday, February 22, 2010

We ended up eating two chicken feet in the same week...

February 22, 2010

Hey Family!!!

Hey! How are you all?? By the sound of the last few letters that I have gotten it sounds like you are all doing just great without me!! Lol That’s really cool that Lili´s sister went to the church dance and had a good time. Have you guys talked to Lili or seen her recently? I have been getting letters, but it’s been a little hard to send them out. I was going to send one out today, but we didn’t end up going to the office. I have a letter for her and one for all the machete guys too! I wrote like 8 letters this last week or two, and hopefully I can send them out next week. That’s my plan anyway. Ok so I have some funny and cool stories to tell you guys about this week. It seemed like everything happened to me this week, and I don’t even know why. Ok where do I start? lol so guess what? I have over 4 months in Ecuador and never have seen someone eating a chicken foot. I remember seeing that online when I was looking up things about here. But anyway we were at an investigator’s house eating dinner and we were all talking and eating. They are a really cool family, and I think I have told you about them, the family Cepeda. So we were eating there, and I had just finished eating when David the husband came in the room eating a chicken foot. Lol When I saw it I was so surprised and asked him what he was eating. My comp said that I sounded really amazed that they would eat something like that, or that I was making fun of the food. Because as soon as I said, “What are you eating?” he kicked my leg under the table, but at that time it was too late. When they saw that I was making fun of the food, they insisted that I eat the other leg. Lol I think they wanted to prove to me that it is really better then it looks. Lol anyway so I ended up eating the leg, and to tell you the truth it wasn’t that bad. It really just tasted like I was eating straight up fat. lol Anyway we were eating the food the other day and one of the ladies that feeds us gave us a chicken foot again. So in two weeks we ended up eating two chicken feet in the same week. Lol I really hope that makes since, what I just said. It’s a little bit hard to write right now because I have this guy sitting right next to me, and is so amazing to him that I am writing in English that he won’t even stop looking at me or what I’m writing. Lol it’s a little bit weird. Ok so remember I was telling you guys about the holiday that they celebrate herd where they throw stuff? Anyway so Tuesday of this last week was the worst day of them all. It was almost impossible to leave the house without getting paint or water thrown at you. We had a zone conference in the morning on Tuesday and we had just finished and me and about 20 other missionaries were all on the bus going back to our sectors. As we were coming back there were little kids and people on both sides of the streets throwing water and stuff at the cars. It was funny because one of the windows was open where two of the missionaries were sitting and this kid threw a water balloon with paint, and it went through the window and hit the one elders in the shoulder. It ended up getting on the both of the elders that were sitting there. When it happened everyone on the bus was laughing. I remember sitting there not really worried because I didn’t have a window next to me. I was sitting next to the door, but they kept shutting it after every group of little kids. Anyway so we were driving back and I was still sitting there laughing looking at the elder who got hit. I remember looking forward and not seeing any more kids. I was not even expecting what happened next. I remember seeing a parked car on the side of the road and as we were passing it there was like 4 kids with water balloons. They all threw their balloons and one of them went right through the door and hit me right in the face. The crazy thing was I was not sitting next to the door. I thought I was safe, but it ended up hitting me right in the eye. Like right after I got hit in the face and everyone starting laughing again, two people in the back of the bus stood up and started spraying this soap spray stuff. Lol by the time we got of the bus we were all covered with water, paint and soap. Lol it was really crazy! Later that day, we tried teaching, but ended up coming back to the house with paint and water all over us. Really every street we headed down to get to a house we would come running back the opposite direction. Really, over all, it was a crazy day or a crazy three days. Lol oh ya and I also had I cockroach crawl down my pants while we were contacting and I think that the family thought I was way crazy. Really I just started freaking out while we were talking to them. I ended up finding it after we left that house and turned the corner. But ya it was I really good week full of a lot of really interesting experiences. Ok so I want to tell you about an experience that I had that was really cool. The other day we were teaching one of the investigators that we have. Her name is Carmon Canstante. We had just taught the whole lesson, and it had gone really well. After the lesson ended or towards the end of the lesson my comp asked her if she would except a baptism date for the next month. When he asked her, she replied that she doesn’t feel ready and that she wants a little more time. She seemed to be a little annoyed that we had asked her. The cool thing was I remember feeling that I should just open my mouth and just start talking. I had no idea what I was going to say, but I just started talking. The thing that was so amazing is that everything I said seemed to come out just perfect. After I had finished talking, I felt like I couldn’t have said anything more perfect in that time and moment. I also remember feeling like that wasn’t what I was thinking. It’s hard to put it into words, but I felt like I wasn’t doing the talking. It was the first time that what I said seemed to make since, and it was also the first time where I don’t feel like I said it. Lol really it was amazing because I felt the Spirit so strong, and I know that she did too. I know that it was the Spirit speaking to me and telling me what to say. I am positive that I couldn’t have done that on my own. She still hasn’t accepted a date, but she went to church, and I think she might accept one this week. She is really doing well, and I am really hoping that she continuous to. The first time we met her like 3 months ago she didn’t even want to listen and now when we go by she has everything ready to go. She puts the chairs outside so that we can teach her. And she is always reading and praying. I’ll let you guys know what happens with her and if we have any good progress this week. lol, Anyway so that was pretty much my week. lol oh I almost forgot. Mom could you tell Janae and Melissa that I said happy birthday!!! I think I might write a little letter for them this week and send it out next week, but if you could tell them happy Birthday or Faliz Cumpleanoz! Lol and tell them that I miss them and love them. Well family I think I gotta be going. I hope all is well with you guys back at home. I love you all very much and miss you so much!!!

Con Amor. Elder Keables

Monday, February 15, 2010

We have a lot of people that are really amazing!

February 15, 2010
Hey Family!
Ok so you will never guess where I am now. Yup I am still in my same sector San Eduardo! I’m still with Elder Daniels and with the same to elders in our apartment. So to tell you the truth, nothing changed for us. But ya everything is going great here for me. I am really looking forward to this next change because we have a lot of people that are really amazing! I have one more change here, and I know it’s going to be a good one. Ok I’m so glad that you sent that to Lili. I feel so bad because to tell you the truth it has been awhile since I have sent her something. But I did send out a package for her today and it was pretty cheap so I will definitely send one out to you guys one of these days in the future. Really there is so many cool things that I have seen here that I want to buy and send home. Wow I can’t believe that the Olympics are going right now, and I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day has already passed. Even crazier I can’t believe that I have over 6 months in the mission. It’s funny that you say it is starting to look like spring there because really the weather hasn’t changed much here. In the pic that you saw, we had just got back from our sector and it had been raining really hard. But really it has never rained like it does in Chico. It’s so weird here because we will be walking in the rain but still sweating like crazy! It is always HOT! Ok so you know how I was telling to about how they throw water balloons and eggs and all that stuff at us. Well to tell you the truth the three worst days are Sunday, today and tomorrow. It was funny my comp was walking in the street yesterday and got hit right in the back of the head with a water balloon. Lucky for him it was only water and didn’t have paint in it. But it was still way funny. Ok well I’m really sorry to make this so short, but I gotta go. I thought that I would have more time but the message that I tried to sent to the president didn’t go through so I had to write it again. But mom if you could tell Lili that I sent her out a package today so that she knows. Mom, Dad, Family I love you all soo very much. I miss you and hope that everything is going great at home. Thanks for everything! I love you!
With Alot Of Love, Elder Keables!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun pictures :-)

Spencer's companion, Elder Daniels, sent these fun pictures home to his family. Sister Daniels kindly shared them with us :-) Spencer looks soaked in the first picture, and I don't know the story, but they look great!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I almost have 6 months of my mish finished...

February 8, 2010
Hola Familia!!!
Hola mi familia! ¿Como están? Muchas gracias por la carta me enviaron. Lol ok I’m going to write in English because I think it’s as hard for you guys to read it as it is for me to write it. But really I received another card in the mail on Tues and I love it. So thank you so much. Ok wow I can’t believe that the Super Bowl has already passed and even more crazy is that I almost have 6 months of my mish finished. It’s really crazy how fast time is going. I think that the weeks are what go by so fast. Really I feel like I wrote you guys yesterday. But anyway mom that sound good with Coach Critchfield. Just to let you know I played basketball at the church this morning, which makes it the second time for this change. Me my comp and two of our investigators went to the church and played 2 on 2 and cabillo or I think that means horse. Lol but ya after playing I realized how much that I need to play more, because I’m starting to play like a old man. Lol no I just get tired really fast. Ok so I will write something and send it in my next email for
Taylor’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor . man that’s a little scary what should I say? Are you sure they are going to read it in front of everyone or is it just for him? Lol ok so what could I tell you about what has happed this week. I’m sorry if my letters are getting more boring, but it’s hard sometimes because time is going by way too fast. Ok so first Victor Alaba. Well we aren’t going to be able to baptize him this week because he didn’t go to church and he has kinda ignored us. We have been trying to teach him, but haven’t had too much luck this week. I’m really not too sure what’s going to happen with him. I know it’s been awhile since I wrote about José Madina but to tell you the truth he doesn’t even talk to us that much anymore. He avoids us when he sees us and he never has time to listen. Its super sad because he just looks so much sadder or just not as happy and same with Victor. Its really amazing the difference that the gospel makes in their lives when they are trying to do what is right, compared to when they don’t listen and don’t try and do what is right. We are still trying, and praying for them every day so we will see what happens. A few weeks back we found a family that is really cool and really nice. It’s a younger couple with a little baby boy and the brother of the guy in the couple. The name of the family is family Cepeda. We have been teaching them and this last Sunday they went to church and on sat they went to a baptism of 2 other elders. They have been making a lot of progress, the only thing that is in the way is that they are not married! They want to be baptized, but can’t unless they get hitched. We have talked to them about that, but still don’t know what’s going to happen. Because they want to get married but they can’t do that tampoco. I really don’t know everything behind that so we will have to see this week. But ya we also have a few other that are making some progress, but we need them to just go the church and do a few more things. It’s been a little difficult with the baptisms this change and I’m pretty sure we won’t have one, Hopefully next change. It’s crazy because the end of this change is this Sunday and it is very likely that I could go, but we well see. It has rained a lot the last few weeks and it’s kinda funny. Awhile back it rained all through the night and when I woke up in the morning my bed was way soaked. It’s funny because we have a bunch of little buckets to catch the rain, because we have a lot of holes in roof. Oh I almost forgot to tell you about what’s supposed to happen this week. Ok so they have this weird tradition here. The second week in February the people fill up water balloons and throw them at everyone!!! All day they will be throwing water balloon and all week. Not only do they put water, but they put paint in the water. So my comp and me will probable be wearing the same shirt and supposedly by the end of the week it should be a lot of different colors. Lol I gotta admit I’m really looking forward to it. Lol I think we might by water guns for protection. Lol I’ll definitely let you guys know how this next week goes. But mom don’t worry the people here are all so very nice. I can honestly say that they are so much cooler or nicer then the people in the U.S. They hardly ever get mad, and they always just accept us into their houses. They always offer us stuff to eat, drinks, soda, and so much more. They are like the nicest people ever and its soo cool. Hey so I don’t have a lot of time but I just wanted to give you an update about Spanish. It is still way hard! lol no actually to tell you the truth, it has gotten so much better in this last week. My comp has given me the opportunity to talk a lot more at the start of the lessons. I don’t really have that big of a problem understanding anymore. I mean ya sometimes I don’t understand because they use a word I don’t know but for the most part I understand all their questions. It’s still hard to talk but its coming. but ay ill give you another update later. But family I think I gotta be going, but I just wanted to say thank you for the letter and for the packages and for everything. You’re the best family in the world, and I love you all. Tell Jordan thanks for the Dear Elder. I hope all is well with you and that you have a great week. Oh and Elder Daniels says hi back. Lol You are always in my prayers. Love you all!!!!
Con Amor, Elder Keables

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is fun!

Spencer's new companion is Elder Eric Daniels, and through the missionary mom's email group I was able to get in contact with his mother, Sister Cherie Daniels. Today she sent me this excerpt from Elder Daniel's email message this week.

I got an email from Eric on Monday and the following is a portion that I knew you would appreciate! Sounds like they make a great pair and yes, I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall and see them work! ~Cherie Daniels

" I have loved being with my companion, Elder Keables. He is an amazing example to me. He will be a great leader someday. He is always so humble and wanting to work hard and be better. I have had a great time with him. And mom, if you are still talking with his family, tell them hi, and thanks for having such a great son. And that his Spanish is really good! Elder Daniels"

Oh, how I miss that young man!! ~Jeanette :-)

Monday, February 1, 2010

I’m doing great here...

February 1, 2010

Hey family! How are you all? It sounds to me that you are all doing so great. Well, I’m doing great here, and yes mom you’re right- another week has come and passed by. And to tell you the truth, time is going by really fast. I can’t believe that I have already turned a page on my calendar that you made for me. I have to say that I love that calendar. Ok so I forgot to tell you guys about an experience that I had last week. Ok so we had a change for one day, so I was in our sector with another elder se llama Elder Dordan. So we went about the day teaching and everything went great. In the evening we had a noche hogar or a family home evening with a lot of the members. There were like 25 members there and when me and my comp showed up they told us that we were giving the lesson. That really wasn’t a big deal because we just shared a few scriptures on the word of wisdom and talking about it. After that, it was also our job to think of a game. Well, as brilliant as I am, I thought of the perfect game. I thought we could play the game where you have a cup of water and you go around the room naming of certain thing in a subject and if you say what the person was thinking then they get a cup of water in the face. Really I thought it was a great idea and that everyone would love it just like we did at home. So first I explained it to Elder Dordon and it was kind of difficult to explain in Spanish. I finally explained it to the point where he understood. After I told him, he told me he wasn’t sure if it was a good game to play. He said because the people here are different, which is true. A lot of the older people are very serious and it’s hard to get them to laugh or a lot of time they are a tough crowd. Don’t get me wrong because they are like the nicest people in the world, they truly are, but sometimes they don’t laugh. lol Anyway after I told him and he said maybe, I was still thought everyone would love it. So I got everyone to sit in a circle and I started to explain the game, which was very difficult. But I explained the game and everyone said that they got it and that we could play. So we started the game and I went first I have a spoonful of water and started going around the room. I had passed like 5 already and know one had said what was in my mind. Finally, when I came to the Hermana Castillo who is probably one of the oldest and most serious people in our ward, she said what I was thinking. At first I didn’t want to throw it at her because I was scared out of my mind, so I walked to the next person and acted like she hadn’t guessed what I was thinking. But right before the next person guessed I threw the water at her. After I threw the water, I thought everyone would laugh, but they didn’t. I looked at her and she looked like she wanted to kill me, and I looked at everyone else and they were all really surprised and quiet, and I looked at my comp, and he was laughing as hard as he could not able to help me out at all. It was like the longest 10 seconds of quietness in my life. Finally, the daughter of Hermana Castillo explained that it was part of the game, as I was trying to help explain but was doing a horrible job. We finally talked her into grabbing the spoon and going around the room. When she threw the water, everyone I think finally understood the game, and everyone started to loosen up. After a few more rounds everyone one was laughing and having a great time. It ended up being a hit and everyone liked it. But I’ve got to say that it was probably the scariest thing ever. Anyway I just want to tell you about that because I thought it was funny. Ok anyway so Victor Alaba. Well, he is still doing great. We put a baptism date for the 13 of this month, so we well see what happens with him. We still have a few things we need to teach him, but hopefully we can finish this week. We also have a few more families that we are teaching. There is one family named FamiliaS and they are way cool. The mother is a member but inactive, and we are working one getting her back to church and baptized the father and I think the cousin. They didn’t go to church this last week, but we are working with them right now. We also have a Hermana name Carmon Constanti and she is doing great. She went to church yesterday with her brother who is a member or actually one of the counselors to the bishop. She is doing great, and we might put a date with her this week. And we probably put a date with the Family Sepeda this week also. But that’s what’s going on right now. I’ll let you know how things are going with Victor next week and if we are still good for the baptism. Ok so to answer your question about my roommates. Right now it is me and my comp and elder Gale and Elder Choc. Todos son gringos aparte de elder choc. Elder choc es de Guatamala. Before the mission he spoke in a different language than Spanish, so he also needed to learn Spanish. Well actually it’s weird because before the mish he could write and read in Spanish perfectly, and he didn’t now how to in the language that he spoke. So he learned how to speak Spanish because where he lived everyone talks in a different language, but the way they write is or read is in Spanish. If that makes any sense to you all. Lol but ya they are all really cool to hang out with. In the last letter I got you asked me if I did like the newspaper clips and I want to let you guys know that I don’t like them. To tell you the truth- I love them, so if you could keep them coming. I love hearing how the sports world is going because here all I hear about is soccer. Lol you also had a question about music. Really the President hasn’t really said much about that. I just heard to use my best judgment and as long as it doesn’t drive away the Spirit. So Disney is definitely ok is what I have heard. So if you ever want to send more I am fine with that. lol well I gotta go because me and my comp are going to explore Ecuador and I’m going to get some cool pics. But I want you all to know that I love you all soooo much and that I miss you all also. Te quiero much y quiero que usteds saben que te amo muchismo. That probably wasn’t right, but I love you all. Take care!!

Con Amor, Elder Keables