Monday, February 1, 2010

I’m doing great here...

February 1, 2010

Hey family! How are you all? It sounds to me that you are all doing so great. Well, I’m doing great here, and yes mom you’re right- another week has come and passed by. And to tell you the truth, time is going by really fast. I can’t believe that I have already turned a page on my calendar that you made for me. I have to say that I love that calendar. Ok so I forgot to tell you guys about an experience that I had last week. Ok so we had a change for one day, so I was in our sector with another elder se llama Elder Dordan. So we went about the day teaching and everything went great. In the evening we had a noche hogar or a family home evening with a lot of the members. There were like 25 members there and when me and my comp showed up they told us that we were giving the lesson. That really wasn’t a big deal because we just shared a few scriptures on the word of wisdom and talking about it. After that, it was also our job to think of a game. Well, as brilliant as I am, I thought of the perfect game. I thought we could play the game where you have a cup of water and you go around the room naming of certain thing in a subject and if you say what the person was thinking then they get a cup of water in the face. Really I thought it was a great idea and that everyone would love it just like we did at home. So first I explained it to Elder Dordon and it was kind of difficult to explain in Spanish. I finally explained it to the point where he understood. After I told him, he told me he wasn’t sure if it was a good game to play. He said because the people here are different, which is true. A lot of the older people are very serious and it’s hard to get them to laugh or a lot of time they are a tough crowd. Don’t get me wrong because they are like the nicest people in the world, they truly are, but sometimes they don’t laugh. lol Anyway after I told him and he said maybe, I was still thought everyone would love it. So I got everyone to sit in a circle and I started to explain the game, which was very difficult. But I explained the game and everyone said that they got it and that we could play. So we started the game and I went first I have a spoonful of water and started going around the room. I had passed like 5 already and know one had said what was in my mind. Finally, when I came to the Hermana Castillo who is probably one of the oldest and most serious people in our ward, she said what I was thinking. At first I didn’t want to throw it at her because I was scared out of my mind, so I walked to the next person and acted like she hadn’t guessed what I was thinking. But right before the next person guessed I threw the water at her. After I threw the water, I thought everyone would laugh, but they didn’t. I looked at her and she looked like she wanted to kill me, and I looked at everyone else and they were all really surprised and quiet, and I looked at my comp, and he was laughing as hard as he could not able to help me out at all. It was like the longest 10 seconds of quietness in my life. Finally, the daughter of Hermana Castillo explained that it was part of the game, as I was trying to help explain but was doing a horrible job. We finally talked her into grabbing the spoon and going around the room. When she threw the water, everyone I think finally understood the game, and everyone started to loosen up. After a few more rounds everyone one was laughing and having a great time. It ended up being a hit and everyone liked it. But I’ve got to say that it was probably the scariest thing ever. Anyway I just want to tell you about that because I thought it was funny. Ok anyway so Victor Alaba. Well, he is still doing great. We put a baptism date for the 13 of this month, so we well see what happens with him. We still have a few things we need to teach him, but hopefully we can finish this week. We also have a few more families that we are teaching. There is one family named FamiliaS and they are way cool. The mother is a member but inactive, and we are working one getting her back to church and baptized the father and I think the cousin. They didn’t go to church this last week, but we are working with them right now. We also have a Hermana name Carmon Constanti and she is doing great. She went to church yesterday with her brother who is a member or actually one of the counselors to the bishop. She is doing great, and we might put a date with her this week. And we probably put a date with the Family Sepeda this week also. But that’s what’s going on right now. I’ll let you know how things are going with Victor next week and if we are still good for the baptism. Ok so to answer your question about my roommates. Right now it is me and my comp and elder Gale and Elder Choc. Todos son gringos aparte de elder choc. Elder choc es de Guatamala. Before the mission he spoke in a different language than Spanish, so he also needed to learn Spanish. Well actually it’s weird because before the mish he could write and read in Spanish perfectly, and he didn’t now how to in the language that he spoke. So he learned how to speak Spanish because where he lived everyone talks in a different language, but the way they write is or read is in Spanish. If that makes any sense to you all. Lol but ya they are all really cool to hang out with. In the last letter I got you asked me if I did like the newspaper clips and I want to let you guys know that I don’t like them. To tell you the truth- I love them, so if you could keep them coming. I love hearing how the sports world is going because here all I hear about is soccer. Lol you also had a question about music. Really the President hasn’t really said much about that. I just heard to use my best judgment and as long as it doesn’t drive away the Spirit. So Disney is definitely ok is what I have heard. So if you ever want to send more I am fine with that. lol well I gotta go because me and my comp are going to explore Ecuador and I’m going to get some cool pics. But I want you all to know that I love you all soooo much and that I miss you all also. Te quiero much y quiero que usteds saben que te amo muchismo. That probably wasn’t right, but I love you all. Take care!!

Con Amor, Elder Keables


  1. What a fun letter! I'm happy to hear he's doing great. Oh, and that water game--I love that water game! I remember playing it the first time I visited your home. Good memories =)