Monday, March 28, 2011

So we did have the two baptisms that we were going for...

Ok Fam!!!

Well it sounds like things are just fine and dandy there in Chico. That’s crazy that you’re getting a lot of rain because so am I here. But I really like it because it’s nice to have a break from the hot weather in Guayaquil. lol ok so about my companion. We actually do get along really well. He is a very hard worker and fun to be around. I think that I already told you that he knows a lot of Spanish. He studied for like 5 years before coming and visited a lot of South American countries. But ya we get along great, just took some time getting used to. lol no he is cool. ok so about Cuenca. Well here in Cuenca there are 16 missionaries working. In my district there are 6 of us- 4 elders and 2 sisters. There are actually a lot of gringos, so today we went to the church and played some more basketball which was way sick and I think that I got burned to a crisp. But that’s cool. ok so I don’t have much time so I just want to tell you about the most important things that happened this last week. ok so we did have the two baptisms that we were going for. It was way hard because he was really not sure about it, but we passed by with some members and also we had a fast and the same day that we had the fast he and his wife accepted the baptism date or said they would get baptized on Sat and the day we did the fast was Thursday. But ya it was a really amazing service and also the lesson that we had with them was so strong that they couldn’t deny the Spirit that we all felt. Anyway I’m sending some pics about the baptism and also some that I took during the week. But ya ok I really gotta go. I love you all and i miss you. Enjoy the conference and have a great week. Happy birthday to anyone who has one. lol love you!

Here in Cuenca there are 16 missionaries working...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I now know like the 2000 Stripling Warriors knew...

March 21, 2011

Hey fam!!

ok so you still haven’t written me but I imagine that you are in the middle of doing that right now. So I guess I will just send some pics first while I am waiting for you to send me a letter. ok so the two first pics are of the baptism that we had this Friday. That’s hermano Luis Guaman that got baptized. He is such a nice guy and has really changed his life in the last few weeks. He is the one whose wife got baptized a few weeks before and he had to wait because he had a problem with drinking. Actually with the sister missionaries found him he was way drunk and he actually called them over. They took his direction and didn’t think that he really wanted them to visit his house, but when they went they found out that he really wanted to change his life and same with his wife. But ya after the wife got baptized they moved to our sector and we taught him and he got baptized. lol but ya they are so amazing. Really they are such a strong fam. They are paying their tithing every week. It’s cool to see the change in his life and how happy he was after the baptism. ok the the third pic is of one of the kids of some of our investigators. The parents of this little kid have a baptism date for this Saturday but they still aren’t too sure. They will really need your prayers. Their names are Ivan y ana maria crespo. They are way way cool and I am sure they will get baptized it’s just they need a little bit stronger of a testimony on the Book of Mormon and also that Joseph Smith was a prophet so we are working hard with them on that. ok the the fourth pic is of my new chompa that I got last Monday. You all gotta admit that I look pretty dang good in that chompa no?? lol its so cold here that I had to buy myself something to keep myself warm. lol ya it does the job. lol the only bad thing is that when it rains it’s like a sponge and sucks up all the water lol but other than that, it is pretty legit if I don’t say so myself. lol ya don’t know how to spell that word but you get what I am saying right? lol anyway so what else can I tell you about?? What’s new in my life?? Really everything is just about the same. I still love the mission and I am having the best time of my life. Really I am so glad that I am here and not anywhere else. Really I want you all to know that I know that this is the work of the Lord. I know that I have told you all this like a million times, but it’s just that my testimony has grown so much in these last few months. Through seeing the change that the gospel has in people’s lives and the change that it has had in my own life in these last few months really helps me understand the importance of what I am teaching and the truthfulness of what I am teaching. Really mom and dad I am so thankful that you guys helped me to get to this point because if it wasn’t for you two I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t know what I know. Through the many things you guys have taught me I have been able to teach others and help them change their lives. I now know like the 2000 Stripling Warriors knew that what my parents have taught me are true things and that really I have been born and raised in the true church and in the true faith. I have been born of goodly parents who love the Lord. I feel so grateful and I feel so lucky to have what I have and to know what I know. And most of all I am glad that I can share it with my brothers and sisters here in Ecuador and I will always share it. Thanks mom and dad and family, I love you all ber much. Say hi to everyone for me and tell them that I am doing great here in Ecuador. That really I couldn’t be doing better. Actually if could if that family gets baptized this weekend. lol I love you all and miss you all. Hey write me and I’ll look at my mail before 6. ok will have a great week and ill talk to you later!!!

Love, Elder Keables

Pictures :-)

Monday, March 14, 2011

it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo COLD!!!

March 14, 2011

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Fam! What’s happenin? Well it sounds like all is good with you guys. OK so a new TV!!!! Is this some kind of joke! I can’t believe this- when I left we had a computer that was like as old as dirt and same with our TV. Man you guys are all just enjoying yourselves way too much without me. lol I guess it makes since though, not having to pay for all the food that I have eaten in that last 2 years, I bet you have saved a lot of money. But still that is just crazy that you guys bought a new TV. lol I think I am just going to do what the Ecuador people do and just live at home forever. lol I’ll just get married and have kids and we all can live in the garage and in the storage house and we could have free access to the new TV and the new comp. lol no I’m just playing- within the next 10 years I’ll probably leave the house. lol so mom it’s way crazy reading the letters from Elder Wasden and it does remind me of the MTC and in some ways it feels like a long time and in others it feels like just yesterday. It’s kind of hard to explain. ok so telling you about my new sector and my new comp. Well the sector is way cool and actually there are rich parts and poor parts. This week we are going to have a baptism on this Friday. The hermanos name is Luis Guaman. His wife got baptized like 2 weeks ago in another sector but then they moved to our sector and now we are teaching them. It’s a family of 4- the mom, dad and two kids. The dad is getting baptized this Friday and we are going to put a date with the kids. So if you could pray for the family Guaman that would be great. ok we also are teaching a couple and their names are Ivan y Ana Maria and they also have a baptism date for the 26 of this month. And also they need your prayers. ok so my comp is from Arizona and has almost 4 months in the mish. But he speaks Spanish way good. He studied Spanish for like 5 years and pretty much knew it when he got here. He is pretty cool-sometimes a little intense lol but it’s cool. oh so today we played b-ball with some of the guys in the zone and it was soooo flippin sweet. lol I think I still got my game. lol I was stokin it like crazy. lol I was even able to walk up and down the court like 2 time before I wanted to die of tiredness lol i cant spell that i was going to write exhaustion but that didn’t makes sense to me. lol this Spanish is killing my English. lol it’s worse than it was. oh and ya me and Elder Smith were together for 6 weeks and it went by way too fast. Really he was such a cool elder and a really hard worker. We got along like best buds. lol but it’s cool. Now am here in Cuenca and it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo COLD!!! I am not even jokin. My first day or second day it straight up started ya straight up ice came out of the sky and fell on my head and I was freezing!! Really I was not expecting it to be so cold here. No joke- i gotta buy a sweatshirt or something because it’s cold. Oh ok so to finish I just want to tell you that on Tuesday I had hamster for lunch lol yep hamster and it was goooood. lol it was kinda weird but good. lol ok well I gotta go. I want to thank you all for everything and say that I love you all very much. Have a great week and I’ll write you next week with more stories. I love you all and miss you all. Enjoy the TV without me lol and computer lol love you all!!!

Con lots of love the true and only, Elder Keables

i gotta buy a sweatshirt or something because it’s cold...

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am now in my new sector in Cuenca ...

March 7, 2011

Hey fam!!

Hey fam what up? ok so mom to answer your question- before I forget, I am sure that I am going home on the 9 of August. They just messed up and forget to change the date on the papers that they sent me. lol but ya so just plan for the 9 of August. ok so I’m glad that everything is going great back at home and it sound like Jordan is just being modest and he can really talk pretty good. lol hey so guess what I am pretty sure I won’t be able to take pics with Cody because today I got changed!! yup I am now in my new sector in Cuenca which is outside of Guayaquil and is one of the richest areas in all of the mission. Actually I think me and my new comp have one of the richest sectors in all the mission. My comp’s name is Elder Nelson and is has about 3 months in the mission. He is from Arizona and actually speaks pretty good Spanish. oh and ya actually I feel pretty good about my Spanish. Even though I have had a lot of companions that have been gringos, actually that has helped me speak more with the people and get over my fear of talking. I would say that I am pretty much fluent because I can hold a conversation with anyone about any topic pretty much. lol but I am still a gringo and always talk like one. lol ok well I am sending some sweet pics right now of me and my old comp and also a Catholic church here en Cuenca. Also one of the Hermana Jasmin that got baptized right before I left on this last Sat. Anyway I am way super tired and we only have a little bit more time to write pres and also buy our food, so I think I’ll let you go. But next week I’ll send more pics and write a longer letter. Ok I want you all to know that I love you and I miss you all very much!!!

With love, Elder Keables

I am sending some sweet pics...