Monday, March 28, 2011

So we did have the two baptisms that we were going for...

Ok Fam!!!

Well it sounds like things are just fine and dandy there in Chico. That’s crazy that you’re getting a lot of rain because so am I here. But I really like it because it’s nice to have a break from the hot weather in Guayaquil. lol ok so about my companion. We actually do get along really well. He is a very hard worker and fun to be around. I think that I already told you that he knows a lot of Spanish. He studied for like 5 years before coming and visited a lot of South American countries. But ya we get along great, just took some time getting used to. lol no he is cool. ok so about Cuenca. Well here in Cuenca there are 16 missionaries working. In my district there are 6 of us- 4 elders and 2 sisters. There are actually a lot of gringos, so today we went to the church and played some more basketball which was way sick and I think that I got burned to a crisp. But that’s cool. ok so I don’t have much time so I just want to tell you about the most important things that happened this last week. ok so we did have the two baptisms that we were going for. It was way hard because he was really not sure about it, but we passed by with some members and also we had a fast and the same day that we had the fast he and his wife accepted the baptism date or said they would get baptized on Sat and the day we did the fast was Thursday. But ya it was a really amazing service and also the lesson that we had with them was so strong that they couldn’t deny the Spirit that we all felt. Anyway I’m sending some pics about the baptism and also some that I took during the week. But ya ok I really gotta go. I love you all and i miss you. Enjoy the conference and have a great week. Happy birthday to anyone who has one. lol love you!

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