Monday, May 31, 2010

Everything is going great here for me and my comp...

May 31, 2010
Hey family!!!
Ok will it was good to hear that everything is going so well back in Chico Cali. Things are going great here too. I don’t have much time to write because me and my comp threw a party for some of the members today, and it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I am glad that Taylor liked what I wrote and that he and Janae had a good graduation. I can’t believe that Cody has his papers in, and that it’s now summer and that Chase Brown will be getting back in less then a month, and that Russell is coming up on his year mark. Time is going by way fast!! Really it’s flying by! Ok so first thing that you guys need to know is that everything is going great here for me and my comp. We have 3 investigators with dates at this time and are working with a few more. This week we won’t be having any baptisms because they are all for the end of June. I’ll give you more info about that in the next week’s letter. Ok so it’s been a week a little bit crazy. I don’t know if you guys heard about the volcano that erupted here in Ecuador. Well about a few hours away from here there was a volcano that blew up, so on Thursday morning when we got up it looked like it was going to rain because it was dark outside. When we left the house and went to our first lesson they told us what had happened and that if you look you could see ash that was falling, so we looked and sure enough we could see it. For the rest of the day we walked around doing our normal stuff and there were all these people that had masks to protect them from the stuff that was in the air. We did have any masks so we continued walking around. But today all the ash has settled and it’s all over the place. Like on the cars and plants and everything. So that was a little bit crazy. Oh the other thing that happened that was a little bit crazy was when I had an interchange this Saturday with two other elders. I went to their sector and one of the other elder came to our sector. But ya I have to go now so I’ll just tell you what happened. Someone got stabbed and a bunch of cops came and it was pretty crazy, I’ll have to tell you about that next week. I’ve got to go but I want you all to know that I love you and miss you all very much. Love you and miss you all. I am doing great!! Chao!!!

Love you all, Elder Keables

Monday, May 24, 2010

“A missionary leaves his family for 2 years so that other families can be together forever!”

May 24, 2010

Ok so I can’t believe that they only have one more week of school, time is going by way fast. Tell Julia and Janae that I said congrats and that I miss them a lot and love them, oh and also Ryan and Melissa also. It sounds like things are going great back at home. The trip to see Whitney sounds like it’s going to be really fun. When I talked to Whit on the phone she said that she was really looking forward to seeing you guys. Lol and yes I do know what that feels like. There are a lot of things that I really miss. Today I was walking in the mall, and they had some clips of basketball playing on some TVs and I felt so homesick to play, or I would give anything to play in a fat game of basketball. There are a lot of things that I miss, but at the same time I love the mission. We had a better week me, and my comp, so there are a few things I can tell you guys, if time permits. Oh hey so we had service in the temple this morning and it was really cool. We got to work in the laundry room folding clothes. There were a few senior couples that were working there and one was from California. It was funny because some of them didn’t know very much Spanish, but they were still there trying their best to understand. Ok so have a few questions for you guys. What’s Kyle’s friends name again? The other question I have is if Aunt Khristine knows a guy in her stake that has the name Sanchez Santos? There is an old couple in our ward and their son lives in Sacramento and works in the temple there. I don’t know if she knows him, but I thought I would ask. And the last question I have is mom do you still have that application that Jordan sent home for the girls that want to date a returned missionary? I was telling my comp about that, and he wants one, and I also would like to read it again. Anyway those are the questions that I have for this week. Ok so what can I tell you guys about? Ok so we have two people with baptisms dates!! Emily and Luis are their names. Luis has 18 years and Emily is 15. They both didn’t go to church this last week, so we are going to have to see how things are doing. But they are really cool and they are progressing. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I’ll definitely let you guys know more about them next week or how they are doing. I have more to tell you but I don’t have very much time so if I have time latter I’ll write another letter and if not I’ll just write you guys next week. But I want you all to know that I love you all so much! Really I didn’t realize how lucky I was until I moved out and lived on my own. I have the best family in the world and the best mom and dad. Thanks for everything you do! I miss you guys and think of you guys a lot. The bishop sent me a quote that I really liked. It says “A missionary leaves his family for 2 years so that other families can be together forever!” I cant explain the happiness if feel when I think of being together for time and eternity and its even better to have this opportunity to share that joy with other families. I love you all and miss you and want you all to know that this is the work of the Lord and that I know the church is true. Miss you! Love you!

Con amor, Elder Keables

Hey I was going to send a few more pics, but I’ve got to run. But this is a pic that I took at night some time this week. No last week I think. But ya this is on top of the roof. lol love you all!!

Elder Keables looking out over Guayaquil, Ecuador

Monday, May 17, 2010

What they need is the gospel in their lives...

Hi Family!

Hey good morning!!! So mom I just received your letter and it sounds like everything is going well with you guys. I have a few questions though. Ok so you said that on the 26 of April you guys will pick up the dog, which was last month. Did you mean the 26 of May? I saw the pic and he is pretty cute. Lol I like how in the picture Ryan’s head was cut off. Lol ok so you say only 2 more weeks of school and Julia and Janae will finish. That is soooo weird because when I left it was just the end of summer. I can’t believe that less than 3 months and I will have a year. What is happening with the time? Sometimes I still feel like I just left. Lol but then again one year and a few months is a lot of time. Lol So you went camping without me?? You have to save all the good trips until I get back. Lol to tell you the truth some of the things that I really miss are just going camping. Or being in a place where it’s all green and fresh. I miss being out in the good out doors. Did you know that there are more then 13 million people that live in this city? There aren’t very many green trees or not like up in the forest. Lol but that’s alright, maybe I’ll get sent to one of the cities out of Guayaquil. From the pics I have seen its soooo green and very pretty. Who knows- only time will tell. Lol it’s crazy because this is the last change with President Johns. This week we are going to have our last zone conference with him before he goes. It will be interesting to have a new president. Ok so last week you asked me if I knew when my release date is, but to tell you the truth I found out that my mission time has been extended and not only mine but all those who are here. Lol but it was only extended one more week, because this last change will be 7 weeks instead of 6. So all those who are in the mission will have 7 weeks. Really I think I can find out if I look around or ask around so I’ll let you know next week. But ya anyway so what can I tell you that has happened this last week? Oh so I got a hair cut today and I think it is way too short. Lol I had her cut it with a 2 on the side and then a 4 on the top. But I didn’t like the way it turned out so I asked her to cut the top a little bit more. She ended up just cutting the whole thing with a number 2 so it’s pretty short. Lol I hope the president doesn’t say anything at conference. Really I think it looks fine and it feel good to me, but the other missionaries thought it was pretty funny. To tell you the truth I’m really not down with combing my hair thing, and plus it’s so much cooler to have shorter hair, or it’s more comfortable. Lol there is not really anyone that we have right now who has a date for baptism, so I don’t know what to write about. We have a few that are doing pretty good and might have a date by the next Monday. We are teaching a family of 3 that are really cool. They are a little bit on the crazy side, but really funny. They are reading and progressing, but we have a lot of work to do if they are going to be baptized, because he smokes and they aren’t married and they have a kid that is 8 years old. But they can change, and really what they need is the gospel in their lives. I know that there is nothing that could help them more or would be of greater importance. I just wish and hope that they can recognize the same. But I don’t know, we will see. I’ll let you know what happens with them. Anyway I should be wrapping this up. I have a big day in head of me. lol mom, dad, and all my brothers and sisters and amigos and everyone else I miss you and love you all!!!

Con amor,

Elder Keables

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pictures from this week...

Elder Keables and Elder Perez

Stalyn's baptism

I am still in the same place with the same comp, Elder Perez...

May 10, 2010
Hey family. How are you?? It was so nice to be able to talk to you yesterday and mom I definitely think it would be nice to be able to talk with everyone or to pass the phone along. After I finished talking I felt bad because I didn’t really get the opportunity to talk with Tyler, Ryan, Julia, Janae, or Melissa. I mean I think I heard their voices, but that was about it. So on Christmas we will definitely have to do that. Ok so I don’t know why, but out of everyone that I talked to Jordan sounded the weirdest!! Lol I don’t really know why, but he sounded so different. Lol probably because it’s been such a long time. But for the most part everyone sounded normal , like nothing has changed. Ok so about transfers. So guess what??? I am still in the same place with the same comp, Elder Perez. Lol which is fine with me! I like where I am, and I think that we will have a good change like the last one. Ok so I just downloaded two pics. The first one we took about two weeks ago on a p-day, and the second we took on Friday for the baptism for Stalyn. Ok, to tell you the truth, I really don’t know what else I could talk about, because I talked with you guys yesterday. Oh I just remembered something that I wanted to tell you guys about that was really funny. Ok so on Saturday we had a ward show or mother’s day activity. It was soooo funny because some of the young men sang songs for their mothers. Lol it was the funniest thing ever!! There was this one kid that really thought he could sing. Like he thought he was full-on the bomb. Lol I remember asking myself while watching American Idol if some of those people were being serious or just joking. Well I found out that they were serious.. or that there are people out there that really think that they sing good. Lol this kid was so into it that he almost fell over, and I almost fell out of my seat laughing at him. Luckily, I was sitting in the back where the people couldn’t see me or I think they would have been mad. Lol I wish I would have taped it. I had my camera and everything, it’s just when it started I was so shocked that I forgot. Lol no it probably wasn’t that bad but almost. Ok so I think that it’s time to go. Sorry I couldn’t write much. I promise to have more to say next week. I love you all very much and miss you all too!! I really enjoyed talking to you, and am looking forward to Christmas. Love you all, and thanks for all you do!! Mom, Dad you guys are the best!!!

Con mucho Amor,
Elder Keables

Monday, May 3, 2010

I really don’t think that I could explain how amazing he really is...

May 3, 2010
Mom, Dad and everyone one else!!!
Thanks for the two letters that you send me. It’s always nice to hear how everything is going back at home. ok so first things first, we have church also in the morning, so I’ll be calling at about 4 pm here and about 1 pm there. I think that should be right. I am getting way excited to call this Sunday. So Brian is going to Argentina? That is so sick. Tell him and the family that I said congrats. It’s crazy to think that I’ll have more than a year when he takes off. Time is really going by fast. Dad, so you bought a welder? That is sweet. I’m sure that we will have all sorts of new looking things at the house by the time I finish my mish. Oh, and if you see anyone from Hamilton, tell them that I say hi back and that I’m doing great. ok so I haven’t heard anything about Natalie Hickman or a nursing program here, but if I do, I’ll see if I can make a effort to go and see her. ok so the week. ok so guess what? So we are going to have a baptism this week. This Friday at 7 pm Stalin Suates. We have his baptism and you are all invited to come and support him in this big and special experience in his life. lol ok so Stalin is doing great. He went to church yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it. President Johns was there along with all the stake presidents from the mission south. also Elder Maldinado from the Seventy, I think he’s from the Seventy, but ya so Stalin had the opportunity to meet them and so did me and my comp. hey I don’t know if I told you this, but in the last zone conference Elder Pino from the Seventy gave a really long speech and all the missionaries had the opportunity to meet him and his wife. It was an amazing talk and really motivated me. but ya it was funny because Stalin went to church with a suit coat and everything. Everyone said he looked like a missionary. Really Stalin is such an amazing kid. In every one of his prayers he prays that the Lord will help him continue progressing and help him prepare to serve a mission. He wants to serve a mission so bad. He is always asking questions about the mission and what he can do to prepare. Yesterday in church he asked me for my name tag because he wanted to try in on, lol before the baptism I think I’m going to try getting a short video of him and I’ll ask him a few questions. lol you might need Lili to help you understand what he is saying. lol The best thing about Stalin is that he has his sister there to help him out. I think that they will be a great support for one another. I really don’t think that I could explain how amazing he really is. It really just goes to show you that the Lord has his hand in on this work. He will prepare the hearts of his children for the message. I know that the Lord led us to Stalin and helped Stalin have the experiences that he needs to accept the gospel in his life. It really is such a blessing for us to be a part of this and really a blessing for him and his sister. but ya I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on how everything goes. Maybe I’ll even give you a call if I can find time. lol ok so what else is new? Oh so me and my comp talked to some members that actually own the house or apartment that we live in and they had some weights that we could use to work out. So since last week we have been working out every morning for about a half and hour. It’s been really nice to actually be able to get some exercises in in the morning. Just trying to stay somewhat in shape is hard to do in the mish. lol ok I don’t really know what else I could tell you about. lol I haven’t told you guys about the Spanish for awhile, so I’ll give you a quit lowdown. It’s still way heard to speak. lol no, its getting a lot better. I can pretty much express myself and say what I want in Spanish. I might not say it all right and really far from perfect, but it’s coming. I thought in the beginning that with time it would just become so easy, but I have realized that it is such a long process, one that I’ll be in during most of my mission. I am having a lot more opportunities to use my Spanish now. For example, yesterday I taught the second hour or second class in church. They all almost feel asleep, but I did it and I am progressing. lol oh me and my comp, starting next week, will be teaching English classes two times a week, so that should be really interesting. lol but really everything is going great. Ok well I think I should be going because I still have to write the president. But I want you to all know that am really looking to talking to you in about 6 days. I miss you all soo much and I hope and pray everything is going good at home. les amo mucho!!

Con Amor, Elder Keables