Monday, May 17, 2010

What they need is the gospel in their lives...

Hi Family!

Hey good morning!!! So mom I just received your letter and it sounds like everything is going well with you guys. I have a few questions though. Ok so you said that on the 26 of April you guys will pick up the dog, which was last month. Did you mean the 26 of May? I saw the pic and he is pretty cute. Lol I like how in the picture Ryan’s head was cut off. Lol ok so you say only 2 more weeks of school and Julia and Janae will finish. That is soooo weird because when I left it was just the end of summer. I can’t believe that less than 3 months and I will have a year. What is happening with the time? Sometimes I still feel like I just left. Lol but then again one year and a few months is a lot of time. Lol So you went camping without me?? You have to save all the good trips until I get back. Lol to tell you the truth some of the things that I really miss are just going camping. Or being in a place where it’s all green and fresh. I miss being out in the good out doors. Did you know that there are more then 13 million people that live in this city? There aren’t very many green trees or not like up in the forest. Lol but that’s alright, maybe I’ll get sent to one of the cities out of Guayaquil. From the pics I have seen its soooo green and very pretty. Who knows- only time will tell. Lol it’s crazy because this is the last change with President Johns. This week we are going to have our last zone conference with him before he goes. It will be interesting to have a new president. Ok so last week you asked me if I knew when my release date is, but to tell you the truth I found out that my mission time has been extended and not only mine but all those who are here. Lol but it was only extended one more week, because this last change will be 7 weeks instead of 6. So all those who are in the mission will have 7 weeks. Really I think I can find out if I look around or ask around so I’ll let you know next week. But ya anyway so what can I tell you that has happened this last week? Oh so I got a hair cut today and I think it is way too short. Lol I had her cut it with a 2 on the side and then a 4 on the top. But I didn’t like the way it turned out so I asked her to cut the top a little bit more. She ended up just cutting the whole thing with a number 2 so it’s pretty short. Lol I hope the president doesn’t say anything at conference. Really I think it looks fine and it feel good to me, but the other missionaries thought it was pretty funny. To tell you the truth I’m really not down with combing my hair thing, and plus it’s so much cooler to have shorter hair, or it’s more comfortable. Lol there is not really anyone that we have right now who has a date for baptism, so I don’t know what to write about. We have a few that are doing pretty good and might have a date by the next Monday. We are teaching a family of 3 that are really cool. They are a little bit on the crazy side, but really funny. They are reading and progressing, but we have a lot of work to do if they are going to be baptized, because he smokes and they aren’t married and they have a kid that is 8 years old. But they can change, and really what they need is the gospel in their lives. I know that there is nothing that could help them more or would be of greater importance. I just wish and hope that they can recognize the same. But I don’t know, we will see. I’ll let you know what happens with them. Anyway I should be wrapping this up. I have a big day in head of me. lol mom, dad, and all my brothers and sisters and amigos and everyone else I miss you and love you all!!!

Con amor,

Elder Keables


  1. Really?! An extra week---Boo! Oh, and I love him with short hair :) He's a cutie <3