Monday, May 31, 2010

Everything is going great here for me and my comp...

May 31, 2010
Hey family!!!
Ok will it was good to hear that everything is going so well back in Chico Cali. Things are going great here too. I don’t have much time to write because me and my comp threw a party for some of the members today, and it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I am glad that Taylor liked what I wrote and that he and Janae had a good graduation. I can’t believe that Cody has his papers in, and that it’s now summer and that Chase Brown will be getting back in less then a month, and that Russell is coming up on his year mark. Time is going by way fast!! Really it’s flying by! Ok so first thing that you guys need to know is that everything is going great here for me and my comp. We have 3 investigators with dates at this time and are working with a few more. This week we won’t be having any baptisms because they are all for the end of June. I’ll give you more info about that in the next week’s letter. Ok so it’s been a week a little bit crazy. I don’t know if you guys heard about the volcano that erupted here in Ecuador. Well about a few hours away from here there was a volcano that blew up, so on Thursday morning when we got up it looked like it was going to rain because it was dark outside. When we left the house and went to our first lesson they told us what had happened and that if you look you could see ash that was falling, so we looked and sure enough we could see it. For the rest of the day we walked around doing our normal stuff and there were all these people that had masks to protect them from the stuff that was in the air. We did have any masks so we continued walking around. But today all the ash has settled and it’s all over the place. Like on the cars and plants and everything. So that was a little bit crazy. Oh the other thing that happened that was a little bit crazy was when I had an interchange this Saturday with two other elders. I went to their sector and one of the other elder came to our sector. But ya I have to go now so I’ll just tell you what happened. Someone got stabbed and a bunch of cops came and it was pretty crazy, I’ll have to tell you about that next week. I’ve got to go but I want you all to know that I love you and miss you all very much. Love you and miss you all. I am doing great!! Chao!!!

Love you all, Elder Keables

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