Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009

Hey fam!
Hey everyone! Ok am looking forward to that dear elder. The only friends who have dear eldered me are Cody and Taylor. I did receive a letter from big worm, though, which was pretty cool. So how are things back at home? You probably told me that in you dear elder, but just wondering. Ok, so where to start? I made a list so I can remember all the things I want to tell you. First off, we had a devotional the other day and Jeffrey R Holland and his wife gave talks. They were amazing! You could really feel the Spirit so strongly. Elder Holland talked about the importance of mission. It really got me motivated, but it was a great devotional. So I think I told you about this in my last letter, how we can call people and answer any questions that they might have. We normally offer them BOM or a Bible. Sometimes they call for those videos, like Finding Faith in Christ. Well I have had a few cool experiences on that. This one lady called the wrong number, and I talked to her for a while and was able to send her a both a BOM and a Bible, so that was pretty cool. I also talked to this one guy who wanted me to send him a Book of Mormon, and I talked to him for like a half an hour. Eventually I sent the missionaries to his house and gave him the address to the closest church. Anyways, Spanish is going pretty well. We have to teach all our lessons in Spanish now. I also have tried going all day speaking Spanish, but I only made it to lunch, but I’m working on it. I heard some cool stories about Ecuador. One of the kids in my zone’s brother went to the same mission as me. He said there are a lot of gangs in Ecuador and they all love the missionaries. One time one of the missionaries got his ring stolen and he told this guy who was the leader of a gang. A few weeks later he got a package in the mail with the ring and the finger! Lol! pretty cool! They also heard gun shots a lot. So I saw Ben Cryer the other day. I tried talking to him, but he had to go. I’ll let you know how he is next time I see him. I gotta say, I miss everyone very much. My district is really cool, though. One of my roommates is really a nice guy. We already have plans for after the mish. He is going to Ecuador, too. But everything is going pretty good. So how is Lili doing? I haven't received anything from her for 2 weeks. Have you guys talked to her? I think she is really busy getting ready for school. Well I gotta go. Tell everyone I said hi, and I’m doing great. If you see any of my friends from school tell them I said hi. Tell Julia and Ryan thanks for writing me. I love you all and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for everything!
~Elder Keables

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  1. Hi Spencer, Before I noticed this comment space I got set up for a Dear Elder acct. I wasn't sure if I could write a letter yet, though it did indicate a Provo MTC email/letter link. But I figured I would say hi via this format right now until I learn how to use the Dear Elder site.. So sounds like you been doing pretty well. Must have been neato to have Elder Holland to listen too. You know his brother Dennis Holland is in my ward. He was my Bishop a few bishops ago. Really great man. I'll try to write you an email letter from time to time. It's a great and unselfish thing you are doing as a LDS missionary. Hope and pray for lots of success for you. Grandpa Dan