Monday, March 22, 2010

I gave blood in a different country...

Hey Family!

Ok to answer your questions. Ok first I don’t really know if they had weapons with them. I didn’t really see anything. But all the people that I talked to on the bus told me that they had knives. And really they weren’t that young. They both might have been in their late 20's, but I really wasn’t about to resist if I only had a dollar. If I had my camera with me I really don’t know what I would have done. I think I would have found out if they have some weapons before giving them anything, but I don’t know. Both times it has happened so fast. I just hope they never rob me when I have more then a few dollars. Ok transfers. We have transfers this next Monday and I think it might be my turn to go. I am a little bit excited but at the same time not getting my hopes up, because anything could happen. Lol I have heard of one missionary who stayed in this sector for one year!!!!! Lol that would suck!! But what happens happens, and I will make the best of it. If I get transferred I will be in a different area when I write you again. Crazy!! But ya so that’s the situation. Ok so I want to write you guys and tell you about my week, but really I don’t have that much time, so I’ll give you the low down. Ok so on Friday me and Elder Daniels went to give blood. I know crazy- I gave blood in a different country. Lol it was pretty sick. I took pics and I’ll be sending those to you today if everything goes according to plan. We did it because there was a kid in another ward who needed blood, because he has some kinda disease. His dad is a bishop for some other ward, so we went to his house and he had all the stuff to do it. It was different because they didn’t have all the high tech stuff like they do in the U.S. all they had was a needle, tub, and a bag. But it was cool. So we did that on Friday, lol ok am jokin. Really we went to a really nice place which was called the blood bank. And they had doctors that did it for us. But I took pictures and I’ll send them today. They should take a week or two to get there. but ya not much really happened this week. We had the baptism date for hermona Carmon, but she said she still doesn’t have that desire to be baptized. We are working really hard with her to help her have the experience that she needs to know these things are true. She is reading and praying, and we are just hoping that she well receive the answer that she is looking for. I know she will get baptized it just a matter of time. She just needs a little bit stronger of a testimony. But ya not much has changed since the last time I wrote. But I think I’m going to cut this short so that I have time to do the pictures. I just want you all to know that I love you all so very much. dad I hope you have the best 48th birthday ever! Wow 48 lol that’s old. Ha ha. Mom, dad I hope you enjoy or 26 years anniversary. I hope all is well there. I love you all and miss you so very much. love you!!!

Con Amor. Elder Keables

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