Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He Did Get Transferred!

Yesterday's message from Spencer was very short, and I couldn't tell whether or not he was transferred. I think he must have been in such a hurry with packing and moving that he forgot to tell us. I ended up emailing Sister Daniels, and here's our what I found out...

Hi Cherie,
Spencer's message today was very vague. He responded to my message, but gave no information about himself. Did Elder Daniels get transferred? I'm assuming that Spencer is not moving or I think he would have told us, but he didn't say whether or not Elder Daniels is leaving. If you have information, we would really appreciate knowing if they are still together or if there's been a change.
Hope all is well with you!

Eric said that Elder Keables was transferred to another part of Guayaquil and that he (Eric) had a new companion from Colombia. I'm not sure if Elder Keables is in the same district but Eric did say that Elder Keables' companion was his old companion from Galapagos and he was excited for him. This is the only picture Eric sent today, kind of a farewell picture:( Elder Keables has been such a blessing in Eric's life these last few months. I know they will be friends for life and I hope someday to meet you and your family. Please let us know if you ever get to Salt Lake. Take care and keep in touch,

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