Monday, April 5, 2010

I love my new area!!

April 5, 2010
Hey family!!
ok first I have some questions for you all? So yesterday we were contacting and someone said that there was a earthquake in California. Is that true or not? They said 7.0, but I’m not sure. What part of cali if it is true? Ok second- has Cody Storm put in his papers yet? I think that’s about it. ok so to answer your questions. What did we do for Easter? We did the same thing that we do every day. lol Really we just went to conference, which was amazing. I was thinking about conference and how crazy it is that 6 months earlier I was watching it in English and didn’t know any Spanish and now 6 months later I can watch it in Spanish and almost understand everything. Almost, not everything, but almost! It was really was a good conference. It’s amazing how much more I have gotten out of the last two conferences. I wish I would have paid more attention to them before the mission! It’s hard for me to believe that people could hear them speak and not believe that they have been called of God. They are so powerful!! I can’t wait for the next conference!! ok my new area? I love my new area!! It’s a really BIG sector! We have some buildings that have over 10 floors or stories. I think it’s one of the richest parts or sectors in the mission and biggest. There are a few neighborhoods that have houses that are sooo big. To talk to them we push a button and talk into a microphone, and they respond. If they want us to enter, they push another button and the gate will open. Some of the houses have guards. lol really it’s like a prison. At the corner of their property they have towers where there are guards that stand there all day, raised up above a gate that is like 10 feet or more. lol or they have electric wire. Some of the churches have that, too. We also have a hospital and a Burger King and Dominoes Pizza and Pizza Hut. We have two parks that are soo sick!!! One has a pond or lake, with play ground, swimming pools and all sorts of stuff. The other park has a big battle ship that they put in it. I will definitely get some cool picks of that. There are a lot of cool things in my new area. We also have a poor area too. So where am I? I am still in Guayaquil, like 20 minutes away from my old sector. ok my companion'?? My comp’s name is Elder Perez. He is from Nevada, but his parents are from Mexico! So he speaks Spanish like perfect because he already knew a lot before coming here. He has about 5 months until he finishes his mission or 4 more changes, but he is way cool and is always helping me with my Spanish! This last week I got the opportunity to practice my contacting because we took turns. I think I told you that we are opening up the sector because there weren’t missionaries here for a few months. So it’s been hard because we don’t know anyone! We have to start from scratch, with new investigators and everything! We have one investigator right now, who went to the conference, which was cool. But ya, we are here just working away!! lol I am really excited to be in a new sector and get to know more people. It’s been a really good experience so far. It’s so crazy that I’m going to complete 8 months in the mission this next week and that in about a month I’ll be able to talk to you all again. Time really is going by so fast. Almost too fast! I gotta say, I love the mission! Anyway I better be going. I have to write the president still and do a few more other things. I miss you all and love you all sooo much!! I hope all is well and that you have a great week!! Love you!!

With a lot of Love,
Elder Keables

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