Monday, March 15, 2010

We got robbed again!!!


Hey fam how are you all?? Thanks for the quick letter mom! So Jordan said that church was I’m pretty sure, if I know Jordan, then that means there was someone hot there that he met. Lol some girl. And that’s funny that Lili was worried that something bad had happened, but I am a little confused, how did Daniela pass by if Lili was still in Davis? Did her mom bring her by the house? Anyway oh I have one more question is one of the elders in student ward in chico right know have the name of Jordan Tilley or something like that? Jordan is going to the ward right? If so, could you ask him to find out? One of the elders in my zone, actually my zone leader, has a friend that is serving in Chico, Cali and is in the single’s ward. Lol but ya if you could find out I would really be grateful. Ok so about my week. Lol well to tell you the truth it went by really fast. We got robbed again!!! Lol actually I got robbed and my comp didn’t. lol ok so we had just finished having the interview with the president, and we were heading back to the sector. We got on the bus, which was full of people. It was so full that we had to stand up. When we got on, there were two other guys who were also standing on the bus. I didn’t really think anything of it because there are always people that jump on the bus and try selling things. So these guys were walking up and down the lanes saying stuff like support me. When they saw me and my comp they got really excited and said, “Oh gringos they have a lot of money.” One of them, who was this shorter black guy, came up to me and told me to sit down in a seat that someone had just got out of. I told him that I was fine, but he pushed me over to it. I was still kind of confused at this time what was going on and why this guy had pushed me onto the seat. As soon as I was sitting he starting asking me for everything I had like camera, cash, pretty much anything. He started checking my pockets, looking for something worth money. At this point I was starting to catch on because at the same time he was talking to me he would turn and start yelling at someone else. The lady I was sitting next to kept hitting me, which I thought meant I better give him my money. I ended up pulling out my purse thing and giving him the dollar thirty that I had. He was a little mad that I only had that much and starting getting angry. I told him again that all I had was what I just gave him, which just pissed him off more and made him start checking my pockets. Lucky for me, the lady I was sitting next to was really cool and started yelling at him and same with the lady sitting in front of me. They ended up talking the guy into leaving me alone and moving on to other people.
They robbed a few more people, then took off. When it was all over, everyone in the bus ended up going crazy. They all seemed to look at me and ask me like a million questions. Because they were all surprised at how much he had checked me and wouldn’t leave me alone. After they left, I ask my comp if he had gotten robbed and he told me that he only talked to the other guy on the bus. The other guy who was robbing I guess told him that he needed a bigger bus because he was really tall then moved on robbing the other people and not my comp, which is good because he had his camera with him at the time. In the end, I guess they only ended up robbing like about 50% of the bus and the other half they didn’t. I was lucky to by a part of that 50% lol. But in the end it wasn’t even that bad. I only lost about one dollar. Oh and after they left I ended up talking to the lady that was sitting next to me and found out that she was a member. She told me that she hasn’t gone to church for like 10 years, but she was baptized by a gringo and she knew all about family home evenings and all that. I asked her why she hasn’t gone to church for so long and she told me that she has a lot of sins and is afraid of going. She told me that she needs to talk to the bishop. I didn’t have much time to talk with her, but I just told her that she needs to go back to church and that the bishop is there to help her with those things to help her better her life. I told her that she should talk to the bishop or the missionaries because they are there to help her. And that was all I had time to say because I had to go. But I hope that she will listen to me and go back to church. It’s really amazing how many people there are who are inactive here. And the craziest part is that almost all of them a have strong testimony of the church. They all say they know it’s true but they just don’t go. I have talked with so many inactives, and so many have said they know it’s true!! It’s sad because there are really so many and the church is true!! They all have testimonies, they all know it, they just don’t act on that faith. It’s just really hard for them to show their faith or to put their confidence in the Lord. But I guess that’s why we are here to help them with those trials. It is a little disappointing having so many rejections, but it really does make me cherish the good investigators that we have. Or when we find someone that is just amazing. But even though it is really hard I know that if we keep working the Lord will bless us. I know that he will lead us to those people that are ready to accept, to those who have been prepared. Sometimes I think about the time that I have and how sometimes it seems like forever, but then I always have those experiences that let me know why I’m here and why I’m doing what I’m doing. Then that time seems like nothing. I love the mission!! A really do and I’m so glad that I’m here and I have this great opportunity! My testimony has grown so much in these last 7 months, and I know that it will continue to grown as I teach and I do the work of the Lord. And as I see the the change that the gospel brings into the lives of those who we teach. This last Sunday I was able to watch Rafael Barre, who we baptized in my first change, receive the priesthood highest!! I forgot the name in English lol but ya it was a great experience, and I was so happy to be able to see him receive that. Anyway, family I have to go because my time is up, I hope all is will with you all at home. I love you all sooo very much. I miss you all so very much also. Have a happy Saint Patrick’s Day and I’ll talk to you all the next week. Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Keables

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