Monday, December 20, 2010

I love you all and can’t wait to hear your voices this sat on Christmas...

December 20, 2010
Querido familia.

Loco!!! I can’t believe that Taylor is going to Argentina. That’s so sick!! When I first saw the video and he said Guayaquil I almost died. lol that was not even cool! But still I am so stoked because that means that we will be able to talk in Spanish when he gets back. Who would of thought that Cody, Taylor, and I all would go to Spanish speaking places and that me and Cody would get called to the same place? It’s so crazy to think how much time has gone by, things are really beginning to change. We are all going to be Spanish speaking fools.
ok so mom talking about the calling card, today the zone leader called us and we have to stay in our house Friday from 2pm until sat 2pm. I am not to sure why but they want us to stay in our house during this time. They said it would probably be better if you called our house while we are in the house. We will have to be in the house during this time so it would be cool if you could just call the phone that we have in our house. I have the number with me and I’ll give it to you as soon as I find out what is the area code. This lady is looking for it right now so I’ll be sure to let you know. You can call to our house if I give you the number right??? I think it would be cheaper if you guys called us- a lot cheaper. Ok she just told me ok so you guys can call this number.. ____ after you will put 4 or 2 depends on what kind of phone we have and put this number ______ ok so mom can you try called that number tomorrow at 8 in the morning to see if it works. If it doesn’t work I’ll call you. But I want to see if you can call straight to the house and at that hour I’ll be in the house studying. Ok good Have questions?? If things don’t work out I’ll call you ok- cool.
Ok so to answer your other questions. No I still haven’t gotten the camera yet but I imagine that they will give it to me tomorrow at the district meeting. It’s because he gave it to the elder in the office when I left so I am still waiting for them the send it to me. Pretty sure I’ll get it tomorrow. Ok so I also have heard that they sent Cody or Elder Storm out of Guayaquil, I think he is in Machala but not sure. That is out of my zone so I think I won’t be seeing him in this change, for sure not in the month. I am hoping that I’ll see him in January or something like that. I am still in the same place with my same companion Elder Zimmerman, he is from Utah. He is a way cool guy. Ok to answer another question that dad asked me in the last letter that I received from you guys. The day that I am supposed to go home is the 23rd of August. My mission got extended a week or two. But ya just so you all know.
Ok so I want you guys to look up something on youtube that the guys from are ward made. It’s a music video of back street boys. lol Its because they had a ward activity and in the activity they did this video. lol its super funny!! ok so look ok Adoltos Solteros Barrio la Pradera. They are all guys from our ward and also the person who shows up in the truck to pick them up is our bishop. lol so you guys should enjoy that. Ok so on Saturday we had another activity as a ward. It was a talent show. lol people kept asking us if we were going to do something and we just told them to go and see and that we had a surprise. Well I wasn’t too sure what we could do because really I don’t have any talents. But then I remembered that time at the trek and the show or skit that we did. The only problem was we had no one to do it with and no time to practice. Well on Saturday we showed up with the idea of just watching the shows and supporting the ward. But come to find out like 15 minutes before it started they signed us up for the first show. So me and my comp quickly rounded up a two quys and one’s girlfriend who we are teaching who is going to get baptized in jan. But ya so we went to a separate room and started practicing. I explained the whole thing through we practiced for like 5 minutes and went out and did it in front of the whole ward. lol and I gotta say it was a success!! lol they loved it. After it was all over I took the mike and said thanks to all the mamitas or the ladies that give us food everyday and told them I hope it never happens like that. lol then said thanks from our part and that their food is always really good. lol they all really enjoyed it and I am pretty sure we will hear a lot about it in the weeks to come when we eat at their houses. lol but ya it was really a fun time. Also they got pretty much all the show on tape so I’ll see if I can make a copy and send it to you all. esta bueno. lol esta bien..
Anyway so talking about the work- it’s going great. We have 3 with baptisms dates for January and we are teaching a lot more. I’ll tell you all about that on Saturday. Anyway I think it’s time to go but I’ll be waiting for your `phone call tomorrow in the morning. If things don’t work out and you can’t call me don’t worry I’ll be calling you from some pay phone to work things out. I love you all and can’t wait to hear your voices this sat on Christmas. I hope you all have the greatest week ever and enjoy every minute of this very special date. I love you all and I am so grateful for everything you all do for me. Nos vemos mas luego!! chao. peace out!!!

Love, Elder Keables

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