Monday, December 13, 2010

Cody is coming to Guayaquil tomorrow!

December 13, 2010


1 Day!!!!!!!!!! Holy heck Cody is coming to Guayaquil tomorrow! That is so crazy!! This is probably one of the most exciting days of my life!! lol I hope I get to see that man this week. ok before I continue, I thought you would like to know that they haven’t told us anything about the changes because they are going to do them tonight. So we are just waiting for a phone call. I really don’t think that me and my comp will be seeing any changes with us, but I am sure there will be a few changes in the district and also in the zone. I totally agree with Cody- if they put us together we are going to baptize every last soul in this city. I am pretty much going to write the president that. I’m just going to tell him if he wants baptisms, he has to put me and Elder Storm together. Man I just love the sound of that Elder Storm, Elder Keables and Dan Jones or something like that. I can’t remember his name but he had so many baptisms in England. Anywho, ya THE THREE BEST MISSIONARIES EVER!!! Cody has got a point.
Ok mom- so to answer the two questions that you had about the skype, and also the money. I already took the money out and paid Elder Halls because he needed it for his trip home tomorrow. Also I asked about skype and we are not allowed to use the camera part. So I think that it would be just better to call home this time. But don’t worry, this time the president didn’t put a time limit so I should be able to talk more than an hour. lol Our new president doesn’t seem as strict on that as the last one so that is cool. Wow Christmas is coming so quickly it is just crazy!! Really I can’t believe that it is my last one here in Ecuador. I think it’s just better not to think about it. lol
Ok so about the baptism. Everything went great this weekend and Antonella was baptized on the 11th and was confirmed a member of the church yesterday at church. I’ll be adding some pics that we took at the baptism with this letter at the end (he forgot to add them). Her uncle baptized her and the bishop did the confirmation. That same night there were three other people who got baptized from other wards. It turned out really good. At first we were a little scared because not one of the bishops from any of the wards was there and we can’t perform the baptism if the bishop is not there or someone from the bishopric. But they all showed up a little late, and everyone was able to get baptized.
Ok another thing that was cool this week is that me and my comp taught a family from New York, Brooklyn. The parents were born in Ecuador but the kids were born in NY. They had come down to Ecuador to visit their family. We taught them in Spanish because the dad didn’t know very much English and all of our stuff to teach with is in Spanish. Really it’s hard teaching in English so we just taught in Spanish. But it was cool talking to them and answering their questions. We also left them with a Book of Mormon so that they could take it back to NY. Super nice family. The funniest part was listening to them speak in English. They had some crazy accents that made me laugh.
Mom, I love you, and I’m thankful for all that you do. I hope that everything goes great in this next week. I have got go but I’ll be seeing you all or talking or writing the next week. Thanks for everything!! Love you all

Love, Elder Keables

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