Monday, December 13, 2010

An excerpt from Cody's message home last week...

Spencer refers to a portion of Cody's message that I copied and pasted into my message to him today. This is what Cody had to say last week-

So this week has been pretty great! It has absolutely flown by, like
crazy fast! I cannot believe i am going to be entering the field in
like a week! So crazy to think about not being in the CCM! I am sure
this will be a really fast week as well. So this is what I am hoping
for: Spencer is going to be waiting at the airport to pick me up with
the president and then on the way to the mission home he will say "oh
by the way this is your new companion, Elder Keables" and then we will
just wreck Guayaquil and baptize the whole town... Lets just put it
this way, ya know the pictures in the back of the Book of Mormon?
There will be another one for Me and Elder Keables. I am thoroughly
convinced that this is what is going to happen, I mean it makes the
most sense, why wouldn't they want us to baptize the whole city of

I sure hope they get to see each other before too long or they are both going to be going crazy!

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