Monday, October 25, 2010

The coolest thing was to see the change in the investigators face...


Hey family and friends, how are things going back in Chico, California? I hope things are going great and that you all have had a better week than I had! lol I really can’t lie to you all but this last week has been kind of a hard one. I mean it was also a good week because I passed it in the service of the Lord, and I know that all the sacrifices that I make or the trials that I face, the Lord is always with me and that I will be blessed. Ok so this last week someone broke into our house and stole a few things of ours. Also they broke into the house below ours where a family of 5 lives and robbed a lot of stuff. They stole from me my camera with all my pictures that I have taken in that last 2 months or so and also that Discman that you sent me in the MTC to listen to music. So now I don’t have a camera or any way to listen to music. I wish I could send that picture that I didn’t send last week, but I lost all the pics that I have taken. I can not really explain to you how mad I felt when I realized that they had stolen my camera. It was such a nice camera. I guess the good news is that when they robbed our house we were outside working and teaching. When we got back our neighbors were standing outside. They told us that they had been robbed and that our door had been broken open. When we went into our house someone had gone through all my stuff in my desk. The weird thing is that they only robbed my desk because my companion’s is right next to mine, but they didn’t even touch his desk. Really, and he had his camera in his desk and also his wallet with like 60 bucks and a few other things of value. But it looks like they came in and took off in a hurry because they didn’t open and look through everything. They did steal from my companion some speakers that he bought for like 20 bucks and his pin drive with all his pictures from his whole mission, which really stinks badly for him. Really I am not too sure what to think. I am still kind of mad about what happened, but there is nothing that I can do to get the stuff back or to get my camera back. Mom, I know you were talking about doing something for Christmas but maybe instead of sending me a package you could put money on my card so that I can buy a new camera. I’m not sure how much one costs, and really I don’t want to buy one that is expensive because it’s just so dangerous here. I don’t really know, it is just an idea. I’m really so angry about what happened that I really just want to find the house of the people who did this and burn it down. Lol but that wouldn’t be very Christ-like so I think I am going to have to resist. But it definitely has crossed my mind a few times. So that is one reason why this week has been kind of hard. Also, I lost my voice so I sound like a little girl when I am talking or someone who has been a chain smoker for 50 years. It’s hard enough for the people to understand my gringo accent in Spanish but even worse that I can’t barely speak. Also in this last week quite a few people have rejected us. There really are so many Catholics that live here. I really don’t understand how there are sooo many Catholics. They all say that they are so Catholic and that they don’t want to change their religion. But they just don’t understand and they don’t want to change their ways. It’s hard to explain how I feel about the subject. Lol but I don’t want you all do think that the mission is bad or that I am not liking it because that is not true at all. I love the mission even though things happen like this. There was also I few cool or good things that happened this week. We all went (or all the branch) went to a park and played games and had some really good food. We were there for a few hours and it was so nice to kind of have a break and play some games and get to know the members. Just didn’t have my camera to take pics. QUE BESTIA!! Also in church we had 3 investigators and they seemed to enjoy church. Two of them are going to get baptized in this week or we hope so. One of them has a few problems with the husband who is Catholic. The other, we still have to teach her a few things. But if everything thing goes really well this week to make up for the last week, we should have two baptisms. The good thing is my comp has a camera and he can put all the pic that he takes on my pindrive. So I still have a few pics. Ok what else can I tell you guys about? Oh mom so I have a question for you. So I heard through the grapevine that Julia or Janae, one of the two, has a boyfriend, is that true? Is he Mormon? Lol I need to know these things. Ok that is about the only question I had. Ok well to finish I just want to tell you guys about a short experience that I had this Saturday. Me and my comp had a lesson with an investigator that we found like two weeks back. We had already taught about lesson 1 or the Restoration of the Gospel, and we had asked her to read Moroni chapter 10 and pray. When we went to her house we had a lesson plan that we were going to read a few parts of the chapter with her. She said that she had read but didn’t really pray specifically about the Book of Mormon. So we read the scriptures that we had planned and talked about them. We talked about the invitation that they give and the promises that we receive. Really, I don’t know how to explain it but in that lesson I could feel the Spirit so strongly and I had no doubt in my mind that she could feel it and my comp. As we read and bore our testimonies I felt the words come and I knew what I needed to say and I saw the same thing happening to my companion. It really was so amazing and there is no way that I can say I didn’t feel the Spirit. The coolest thing was to see the change in the investigators face and actions during the lesson. At the beginning she didn’t seem too happy about listening to us and seemed a little bit annoyed. But as the lesson went on, and we answered her questions, she changed completely. And as she finished her prayer, I could tell that she had felt the Spirit and that she was grateful that we had stopped by, and most of all that she had a little bit stronger testimony in the Book of Mormon and our Savior Jesus Christ. I can’t really say that we taught so well because really what taught was the Spirit and the Book of Mormon. I just want you all to know that we are in the work of the Lord and that he loves us. The Book of Mormon, prayer and the Holy Ghost are the tools most important in our conversion and our testimonies. Anyway I think I am going to end it there. Mom let me know about what we can do with the camera. Oh also mom I took out money today, and I think I only have 6 dollars. I shouldn’t need money for awhile but I just wanted to tell you so you know and so that you can check. I don’t think I went over! There are 6 dollars there. Anyway mom, dad, and everyone else I love you and I hope you all have a great week and that you all are safe. Love you and miss you!

Con Muchisimo amor,

Elder Keables!


  1. Yah I'd like to find them and burn their house down too!

  2. I'm not surprised to hear that from Whitney, the protective "big" sister. :-)