Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It was really an honor for me do be able to a part of this experience so important and special for him.

Yo Fam what up!!!
Hey hey everyone!! Here I am writing just like I promised I would do.
Ok first thing is first, mom I got a letter today from you and also
from Lili, and I loved them. It was so good to hear about what’s going
on back at home. And let me tell you so many things have changed. So
many people are getting married and it’s so weird. Really it sounds like
things are going great back at home and everyone, although they look
different, haven’t really changed. It was so funny to hear about what
all the guys did at Jed-Smith, lol I wish I was there for that. BN40.
Lol that’s so sick. I love camping. Ok so mom thanks for the photos that
you sent from the Facebooks of my friends. It was so cool to see
what’s going on back at Chico. I think this letter has been one of my
favorites. Lol another thing that’s crazy is that Tori Wasden has lost 70
pounds! Good for her. I really hope that she keeps that up! Ok so
David Halladay is married? What the heck? I mean that is sooo cool for him, but so weird for
me. Lol things are going to be so different when I get back. we’ll see how much
it will cost to get my coat fitted. Hey, so I am going to send few
pics your way. Ok so one of the pics is of the house that we live in.
It really is a huge house, but there is so much dust. We live in the
second story. Lol it’s so big. Also I sent a baptism pic. The sister
missionaries in my district had a baptism this week that past. I had
to do the interview. The kid's name is Washington. The sisters taught
him and everything and the dad was going to do the baptism but he
couldn’t, so he asked me to do it. It was really an honor for me do be
able to a part of this experience so important and special for him. Me
and my companion and the two sisters sang the song Armies of Helaman
but in Spanish. It was really an amazing experience. After that we went
to the house and had cake lol my favorite part. JK, it was the birthday
of Washington’s sister so we had cake and family home evening. I love
the people here. They are all so nice. Really it the best thing about
the mission is that everyone is so nice and cool. The last pic is when
me and my companion did service for a family in our branch that is
really poor. It was really a rewarding feeling to be able to help them
out and fix their house that is now more comfortable for them. Really
it’s sad because the two kids in the pic and their mom live in this two
room brick building. They have no place to shower or go to the
bathroom. So we have been working on that. Now they have a new
building to wash there ropa or clothes and go to the bathroom and
shower and everything. I am sure it’s a big upgrade for them. The older
brother is such a hard worker. It was funny when we were there working
another member went to help us. As we were there working the member
which is an older guy super funny name Hermano Quito had to go to the
bathroom. There was no place to go and no paper so he used the paper
from a bad of cement. Lol ya- cement just like we use back at home. It
had the cement dust and was like cardboard but he took off with that
in his hand. Lol I couldn’t help laughing at him as he returned. Lol so
funny! Ok so you probably want to know why I went to Guayaquil this
last weekend. Well I had to go and get my license because for a few
weeks I was walking around Ecuador illegal. It’s because the one that I
had was only good for the first year so I had to get it renewed. Lol
it’s the last time I have to do that here.!! Crazy!! But I didn’t see
much damage from the riots! It looks pretty much the same. Bueno I
was in the rich side of town. Lol TELL TAYLOR I SAID GET TO WORK ON HIS
PAPERS!! I just had to put that in. I am so excited now to find out
were he is going. Tell him to leave as soon as possible because if he
doesn’t it will be 4 years without seeing him. And he better not be
there still when I get back. He has to go somewhere to learn Spanish
so we can all talk to each other when it’s all over!! Sick. Ok so I
really don’t know what else I can tell you all about. Changes are
coming up and I think I am going to get a new comp in less then 2
weeks. Which kind of stinks because Elder Orozco is really a good
companion.. I am loving my time with him. I don’t think we have ever
had problems together. He is a really good missionary. Oh so dad I
want you to keep me informed on what’s going on in sports there because
I am dieing to know. And I’ll keep you informed about the weather here.
It’s rainy with a slight chance of snow. No joking lol it is raining
here. Today is the first time in 12 months or more that I have felt
cold. Lol I put a jacket on. Lol first time in a year. Lol anyway i
think that’s about everything. Lol to finish I would like to end with a
scripture if that’s ok. Alma 7:27. In this scripture or chapter it
talks about what Christ did for every one of us. He did it out of love
and humility and obedience to His father. Every feeling and pain or
affliction that we have ever felt in our lives. Every trial that we have
confronted he has felt. He knows who we are and what we feel. He did
everything for us out of pure love and only asks a few things in
return. In Alma 7:27 it talks about what the Lord asks of us. We should
apply these things in our everyday lives. We need to be reading the
scriptures and applying them in our lives so that we can receive the
strength that we need. The Lord promises us so many blessings as we do
these things. As we become the person that it talks about in the
scripture. I testify that the Lord lives and that he loves us. I testify
with all my heart that through Joseph Smith the one and true Gospel
has been restored. It should not be a secret and we should never be
ashamed or timid to testify of it. Everyone needs to hear this message
and everyone will. I know that the church is true and we have been
chosen in these latter days to go forth and testify of these things. WE
as in everyone, we have the knowledge. Mom, Dad I really want to thank
you for teaching me these things. I feel so lucky and honored to have
parents like you. I would not be here if it wasn’t for what you guys
taught me. For the examples that you gave me. I now know why the
Gospel is so important to you both and I hope I can be the example
for my kids like you have been for me. I can’t thank for Lord enough for
making me your son. I feel like I owe everything to you both and to the
Lord. I love you both so much and want you to know that you are in my
prayers everyday along with the rest of the fam and friends. I love
you all!!
With much love,


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