Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2, 2009

Hey Fam!
Hey everyone! How are you all? So guess what? I got my flight plans today! Yup! I got them in the mail about 2 hours ago. ok so on the 12th, I leave from Salt Lake at 8:30, and get to Fort Worth, Texas at 12:10. Then, we have a layover for 2 hours, and then I leave Texas at 2:10 and get to MIAMI, FLORIDA baby! at 6:00. At 6:50 we leave there and get to Ecuador at 10:00. Those are the plans and I am stoked! It’s going to be way cool, and it’s only about 1 week away! Anyway, just thought you would all like to hear about that. Next week is your last dear elder. Mom, I have got all your dear elders, so don’t worry, if it’s too long the rest comes on another paper. lol So no worries. I did get the letter from you that had tanners letter. The language is going well, it’s a lot of work though. We are teaching the second lesson now and it’s going pretty good. I’m still going to be so lost in Ecuador, though. It’s amazing how cool and helpful the teachers are here, too. They are honestly the nicest people in the world. We have the coolest teacher his name is Hermono Bradley, and he is a straight up g. lol ok, so I’m guessing that you put these emails on my blog page, so I wanted to say hi to everyone. So for all those people are reading this, I just want to say thanks for everything. Machete guys- how are all you? How is machete doing? I miss you all. N...H..... lol Also, I just want to say hi to everyone else and let you know that I’m doing great. Hey mom I was wondering how much money I can take out because they want us to have 100 dollars for flying, I think. But I’ll wait for you to tell me before I take any money out. I’m kinda broke at this point because I spent it all on supplies. I probably don’t need 100, maybe less. Ok, so one of the teachers here was telling us about Ecuador, and it sounds pretty crazy. I’ll have to write another letter and send it in the mail about that. Tell dad thanks so much for the sports updates. I am so glad Brad is doing so well. I have been praying everyday for the Lohse family. I gotta go now, so I just want you to all know that I love you so much. You’re all the best. Mom and Dad, you the best parents in the world!

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  1. Hey Spencer:

    Less than a week left, we (The Storm Familia) wanted you to know how great we think you are amazing and what an excellent example you are to your friends. You always have a special place in our hearts/home and we will try to do better about keeping in contact with you while your away (Your bro Jordon, we didn't do so good, although we love him too)Good luck on your traveling adventure, we pray that you will find many families just like ours that are waiting to hear the gospel. Travel safely,(just in case you weren't aware your mother and father miss you very much, (talk about you non-stop, pray constantly, smile and cry when we mention your name,so we try not to bring up your name when we're around HA)