Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I loved the conference, it really was amazing!!!!

April 4, 2011

Hello my beautiful family!!!!

Hey what’s new this week??? Well it sounds like everything is pretty much the norm back in the states. Things are just going well here with me. I loved the conference, it really was amazing!!!! I gotta admit that I am looking forward to listening to the next one in English, because it just not the same listening to it in Spanish. I mean I understand it but it’s better being able to listen to their voices. But yes it was really great. Oh the guy that talked about the guy from Guayaquil was actually the mission president a few years back for our mission I think. But ya it was cool hearing that. lol ok so yes its really cold here because we are way up in the mountains. I mean, it’s one of the coldest places in Ecuador, and let me tell you it feels way good. I do love my new area but the people here are way harder to work with or they’re just not as receptive as the people in Guayaquil, but it’s all good. That doesn’t hold me and my comp back from doing work here in Cuenca. Ok so ya I have seen pics of Baily Wasden and that kid looks so different. I can only imagine what Jacob and Katie and Daniel all look like. TREES. ok so right now I am sending a few pics and I would just like to add a little comment on each one. ok 1. ok first pic so we got these two married this last week so that he can get baptized this coming week. Ya it was not easy because he had more than 3 months in the program of the missionaries but we put a date with him and talk with the wife about when, where and what time. When that day came I called another elder in the district Elder Despot, because he had his passport and so did I so we were the witnesses. Tomorrow they are giving us dinner to celebrate the marriage and Thursday he is getting baptized. Yahhh!!!! It’s going to be great. oh if you could can, you pray for him and his wife so everything turns out good. We are going to put a date with her soon. 2. ok so this is the zone!!! we all took pics because the zone leader is going home actually today so he wanted to take pics. oh the zone leaders name is Elder Carrillo and he is from Mexico and he give machetes como loco. Really he likes to get on everyone’s case about things. but he is a cool guy. lol 3. ok so what can I say, it was a grove of trees and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of taking a pic like that. lol 4. so we played basketball down at the church today again and we bought two of the biggest pizzas ever and as of right now I am still dying a little bit from eating so much. ok so I think that is enough pics. lol ok so what else can I tell you about? So the conference was great but it was kind of hard because we invited so many people or investigators but not one of them showed up. So that was kind of sad and when no one shows up then that means no one is getting baptized because they have to go to church first because in the church they feel the Spirit and they get baptized. But we will just keep working for this next week. ok so what else is new with me. So there are a lot of missionaries that are Gringos that are in our zone but I don’t think that any of them are from Utah. lol but yes in Guayaquil there were a lot from there. ok so mom I gotta tell you about this because its kind of funny- so my basketball shoes and two of my church shoes already have holes in them. I only have one more pair of shoes that are still good. Well I still use all of them but only one works in the rain. But mom don’t worry because they will definitely last me until the end of my mish. lol I’ll send pics of those next week. lol time goes by way too fast. ok well I don’t know what else to talk about. Oh I got a package from Lili which was sweet. lol ok time to go, I love you all and miss you all very much. Have a great week and I’ll write you next week. Love you!!!

with love, elder keables

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