Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I got a brand new comp and his name is Elder Garcia..,

April 18, 2011
oh fam!!!
ok mom so I wish I had more time to write but I only have like a few seconds. Also things have been really crazy for me in these last few days. Ok so today are transfers, but they did them on Friday and guess what??????? I had my third baby boy on Friday!!!! lol Yah, I got a brand new comp and his name is Elder Garcia and he is from Panama and the city of Panama, but ya he is way cool and a really good elder. lol That is soooo crazy that Whitney is having twins!! I don’t know what to think. Crazy! Ryan 12? I don’t believe it. lol ok mom I need to ask you a favor. Can you put money on my card this week because I don’t have any money. I have had to travel to Guayaquil to get my comp and back, and also today we have to travel again. My comp doesn’t have any money at all so I have to pay until they give him money on his card and then he will pay me back, but I don’t know if I’ll have money for next week so if you could put it on for this week and then send me a message for next week. That would be great. I might not need it but I am not sure. I’m sorry to ask for money. I don’t want to, it's just that things have been so crazy and I am waiting for my money and don’t know if when they are going to give it to me. Anyway I love you and miss you all. If I have more time I’ll write later. Love you,

Elder Keables

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