Monday, December 28, 2009

I’m starting to like the mission more and more every day!!

December 28, 2009

Hey Fam!

Wow I can’t believe that Christmas is over and that we already talked. The phone call felt like it was five minutes long and I feel kind of bad because I felt like I talked the entire time. When I got off the phone I realized that I had done all the talking and didn’t really listen to you guys or see how are things with you all. I’m sorry about that and I wish I had more questions for you. In 5 months I promise to have some more questions. You all sounded so great and I really enjoyed that phone call. I can’t wait for the next one. So Lili said we talking in Spanish? lol ya or more like tried. Lol I really don’t think she understood me very well, just like most people here. I know that I have a lot to work on to be where I want and to feel comfortable with speaking. Hey so I have a question, when I was talking did I sound different? Because when I called whit she said that my voice was higher and that I sounded more feminine! I really hope that is not the case, she also said that I had a little bit of and accent which I’m fine with. lol oh and mom thanks again for the presents and everything they are amazing. I like the shirts so much that I am afraid to wear them. And thanks for the food and candy, it’s way good and everyone is enjoying it. My favorite is definitely the calendar and the peanut butter. hey mom this is a web page thing that president and his wife made for the missionaries and the families.

I forgot to tell you about it in my last letter so I’m telling you now. I think that it has pictures and you guys can see all the zones and all the missionaries in our mission. Well what can I tell you guys about that you don’t already know??? Ok so we had a intercombio again for one day on sat. Elder Saban, one of the other elders in our apartment was my comp. we went out and taught a lot of lessons. My favorite thing about having changes for one day is that I have the opportunity to talk a lot more with the members and the investigators. Because to tell you the truth my comp talks so much and lots of the time I kind of sit back in the background listening. This is one of the things that Elder Johnson had troubles with also. He said that it was hard for him because he felt like he didn’t have a relationship with any of the people they were teaching because he couldn’t talk very well and my comp and his comp at the time talks a lot. He is a nice guy, he just talks a lot. But ya I really like having changes because I get the opportunity to talk so much more and teach so much more. But ya when me and Elder Saban were walking back to the apartment we walked by a shop that had air soft guns .lol really it was his idea and not mine to buy them, actually he made me by one. Really there was nothing I could do, so we both ended up getting one. Now we have air soft guns. Lol so to tell you the truth things are getting so much better. I’m starting to like the mission more and more every day!! Lol I think understanding the language and being able to teach more is I big part of that also. Oh something else that was cool is yesterday for the first time I taught the Restoration. For me that is a big accomplishment because I remember my first few weeks and I could even tell where we were in the lesson. ok before I forget or run out of time I want to tell you about Carmon Cortel. I told you a lot about her on the phone but we have the bap date set up for this weekend and I’m pretty sure it’s going to workout. She is doing everything that we have asked her to and she seems to be excited for the bapt. She went to church yesterday, which is great and all we need to do now is teach or a few more commandments. But she is doing so much butter. Really it’s amazing how you can see the change in ones persons life when they follow through with there commitments. When they do things like reading in the scriptures, praying every day, going to church and obeying the commandment you can see such a change in their continence. They are so much happier, they receive so many more blessing in there lives. I got to admit one of the best things to see for a missionary or for me, is when we go to an investigator’s house and they have the Book of Mormon open with a marker right next to it or when they have questions written in the back about what they read. This is when the missionary is most happy and definitely when the investigator is most happy. The other day we passed by Rafael Barre´s house to see how he was doing and to share a quick message. When we got there we looked through the window and he was asleep with the Book of Mormon on his lap. We always like to see that. Lol Anyway things are going great for me. The language is still hard and I still have a really hard time understanding everything, but with time and practice I know it will come. Anyway my time is about up and I’ve got to go but I want you to all know that I miss you tons and I love you tambian. I hope all is well with you guys and that you enjoy the rest of Christmas break. Love you all and miss you all!

Con Amor,

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