Tuesday, December 22, 2009

...I took it off and found a fat cockroach or actually even better a flat cockroach...

December 21, 2009


Hey! Four more days! Can you believe that? First of all, mom I want to say thanks so much for getting flowers for Lili, I was kind of worried about what to do, but it sound like everything turned out well. Ok so on Friday at 5pm here I’m going to call you guys from a member’s house!!! You said that there is a 3 hour difference, so I think you guys should be expecting a call around 2pm. Yahhh!! I am soo looking forward to that. Or that is my plan; it might change and you could get a phone call a bit earlier. Oh and mom yes I got the package that you sent with the presents for the other elders and thank you much! Ok, so I’ll start off by telling you about the most important stuff that happening this week. First off we had a baptism yesterday yahhh it was my second one! I know that I didn’t tell you guys about that and really I’s because I didn’t know that we were going to have it. Her name is Lilia Castillo. The reason I didn’t know that we would be able to baptize her is because everyone else in the family are members or she married into a family of members. Her husband is a member, also he is the one that baptized her. When we first taught them we asked why she did want to get bap. And she said it’s because she wanted to wait for her husband to be able to. This was my first few week in Ecuador. Well we tried a few more times but they insisted on waiting. Well Monday of this week we found out that the husband could perform the bap. So we taught her all the lessons this last week and she was baptized. It was really I cool experience because they have this thing called noche blanco and it’s when all the missionaries in all the stakes have their baptism the same day. So 5 people got baptized last night and about half the stake was there to watch and support those who were bap. It was really I cool experience to be a part of. One of the ladies that got bapt was 93 years old and her name is America! Lol and her fathers name was Spiritu Santo or Holy Ghost. Anyway so that is what happened this week. Right now we have 3 other with a baptism date set up. Jose Madina, Carmon Cortes and Anehla Mosketa, we are working hard to get them all prepare for the 2 of enero or January lol. I not to sure what’s going to happen with them. I can give you the rest of the information in 4 days ha! It’s hard to explain the situation through this letter because I would be writing forever and I don’t have forever, but I wish I did. Ok so my scripture reading is going pretty good. By the time I talk to you guys I’ll be finished with 3 Nephi. I can now read the libro de mormon and understand a lot more, I still don’t understand everything, but it’s coming. I have had a lot more changes with other missionaries that I haven’t really told you about because I don’t have time, but some of the other missionaries said that I am doing better than they were when they had the same time. I don’t know to believe them or not. Lol because it is so hard. I understand a lot more but there is still soooo much that I need to learn. Sometime people will ask me questions or say something to me and I just sit there like WHAT? I probably look really stupid because I don’t know if it’s a question, or a statement and whether or not a should laugh be sad shake my head and say si or should I be mad, did they make fun of me? Lol really I feel like I never know what’s going on, but normally I just shake my head and say si, . lol no its not that bad but really close, I am able to follow every conversation now and know what they are talking about. Sometimes I even try talking in some..lol. what else can I tell you guys about…. Oh so this morning when I was leaving the house I put on my shoe and walked to the bathroom and back when I notice that there was something in it. I took it off and found a fat cockroach or actually even better a flat cockroach because I had stepped on it. It was pretty sick because it was all in my shoe and all over my sock. I hate the bugs!! Que mas oh this last week and a half my companion has had fungus on the bottom of his foot. That’s sick to because it looks like dead skin and all white and red. Actually it looks like mould on the bottom of his foot. Lol but it’s getting better. Oh I had a change again with the leader of or zone. I went to another sector for a day and night. It’s crazy I think I told you guys about this place but it’s called the izel and it used to be the third most dangerous place in the world. I couldn’t even wear the ring Jordan gave me because I didn’t want my finger to get cut off. Lol or the ring to get stolen. It was my second time going to that sector I think I told you guys about it the first time. It’s where all the houses are made out of wood or bamboo. It’s pretty crazy we drove around on this motorcycle thing to get around and once again they drive crazy here and I almost died like 10 times. Lol but ya it’s always fun to go to another sector and meet other people. I really like it because it’s a chance to talk with other people and practice my Spanish. Oh I gave another talk in church again. The bishop told us about it about 5 hours before church. I had about 10 minutes to plan it out while I was putting on my shirt and shining my shoes. Lol oh ya we wear our suits every Sunday here in Ecuador and for most of the meeting in church. Dad mom I got the last letter with the Butte College information and thank you so much. O it was nice to see the pic of the guys and see how things are going with Butte. I think the next letters I send, there will be one for Anthony Carter, so if you could find away to get that to him it would be nice. One thing that I miss sooo much is basketball! I mean I have played 2 times since being here but it’s not the same. I miss the screaming crowd and fans. I miss being on a team and all the guys working toward one goal! The champ! I miss finishing a game and walking out of the locker room and having family and friends to greet you. No matter if you win or lose they are always there for support. I miss the trips and the bus rides. Oh I really miss basketball and I can promise you that I will want to play after the mission, but for now I’m going to have to wait. But don’t worry dad I still workout every other day. It’s funny because being on a mission kind of reminds me of being on a team.. Me, my comp, the other missionaries, Jesus and the Lord are all on one team. We also have goals and things we want to accomplish. The only way we can have success is through trust and faith in one another and working together to accomplish the same thing… to accomplish our goal. To help bring the people in Ecuador and all over the world the fullness of the gospel. Help people find faith in Christ and act on the faith. I can tell you right now that this is the hardest game or hardest thing I have ever done. but I know that it well be one of the most important things I’ll ever do. I know it sounds weird to call it a game but every game has a goal and I just like thinking of it that way. lol I’m weird. So mom what’s going on with Jake? Did he take off? You are going to have to tell me about that when we talk. And does his first phone call get to be like 10 days after leaving if so that would suck! Lol I think I would rather wait a few months if I was him. It’s crazy that he is already talking off. And in about 8 more months it well be Cody Storm’s turn. It’s really weird to think about it but we are all growing up. lol Dad I can officially say that I need to shave every day now! Lol also I’m on my second bar of soap and almost finished with my first tube of toothpaste! Third deodorant stick number 3 and my aftershave is lasting pretty good. I think I’ll be able to use that for most of the mission, but don’t worry if I start a new one I’ll keep you posted. Lol man time is really flying by. Oh dad we had our first rain this last week and it was just about enough to get the ground wet then it stopped. Like one hour later I was like a million degrees and I thought I was going to die. No joke every day I sweat to the point were you could run you hand from my elbow to my wrist and your hand would be drenched. Constantly sweat runs down your face into eyes. Well my time is just about up but I just want you all to know that I miss you all soooooo very much and that you are always in my prayers. I hope all is well and I can’t wait to talk to you all on Christmas in 4 days at 2pm for you guys. I believe! I hope!! Anyway love you all and miss you!!!

Con Amor, Elder Keables

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