Monday, May 23, 2011

we are going to Guayaquil to listen to Richard G. Scott talk to us....

May 23, 2011
Hi what up fam??
Ok well I like getting letters every Monday and hearing how you all are doing. The only thing I don’t like doing is writing letters because I don’t know what to say. I don’t know why that is, it’s just kind of hard to write every week. But it’s cool!! I mean I love you guys I just don’t know. Ok so I also will make a few comments regarding the letter that you sent. Ok first thanks for the package that you’re going to send!! Thanks for the money that you’re going to give me because I am going to buy you all some sick gifts. lol ok so changing the subject so I am excited to see what changes they have made at Butte. I know that they were working on that when I left so I and see how things are going to be different. Man I love basketball, that’s one of the things that is hard to keep out of my mind when I think about home, which is not very often. lol ok so what can I tell you all about that happened this last week. ok so my comp got sick so on Saturday I passed the whole day sitting in the house but he is better now so we are working . lol but ya todo bien!! Another few gringos showed up to our ward this week so I was able to talk with them a bit. One of them served in Argentina where Taylor is at. Actually I am not sure if it’s the same mission as Taylor, but ya he was a really cool guys and spoke really good Spanish. He also majored in Spanish and worked 4 years in the MTC. He left the MTC as a worker one week after i got there to start my mission. But ya so hey I got this really good idea- so I have had the chance to talk with some returned missionaries about school and stuff and I have a really good idea. Well this is what some missionaries have done. I would like to keep studying Spanish when I get home. When I get home I can finish the Spanish classes that they have and then start studying for my major, taking the classes I need. For example, I’ll take history. I’ll take history classes in Spanish and I can work on two different careers at the same time. A gringo in my ward said that his son did that and this May he is graduating with 4 different majors. I don’t know if I am making any sense. But ya I just was thinking about that. Why not take advantage of the gift that the Lord has given me. Like studying two things. The gift of tongues that is. lol So what do you think??? Have you heard of that before?? I really like the idea. But I imagine I will have to look into it a lot more when I get home. But ya. Ok so we are still working away here in the sector. An old investigator showed up at church on Sunday and later that day said he wanted to get baptized so that was exciting. We are going to start working with him this week. We found some more peeps but we gotta see if they are interested. ok I just connected my camera so ill be sending some pics in another letter. I really can’t think of much more to say to you all. just know that i love you and miss you all. I am doing so good here in the mish. I am loving every minute! oh I don’t know if I told you this last week but Wednesday we are going to Guayaquil to listen to Richard G. Scott talk to us. So we are all excited about that. Hey I hope you all have a really good week and I will be talking to you all the next week. Love you all!!!

P.S. the pics i took just remind me of Joseph Smith video. lol this is a place in my sector that I really like. It is just really pretty there and peaceful. And the other pic is of me just being a G. lol crazy!!!

Love, Elder Keables

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