Monday, May 16, 2011

The church is true and I know it....

May 16, 2011
Hey fam!!!
Good day!!!! What’s new with you all??? So Ryan is just killing everyone in Frisbee!!!! I bet he just thinks he is all that!!! Well I hate to burst his bubble but in less than 3 months his winning days are over!!! The people here know me as the Frisbee KING. lol Wow Ryan and Melissa look a lot bigger in that pic- it is crazy!!! I still can’t believe that Julia is graduating next week. That just seems so hard for me to believe. My little girl is growing all up. Jordan is still just a pimp from what I got out of the phone call, but I think it’s time to calm down a little bit and get hitched. lol well that’s pretty much all I can say to that letter. lol oh mom that’s really cool that you got to visit the temple, really it’s one of the best experiences that someone can have. It’s such a calm place and peaceful. oh mom so I need to tell you something- so today the zone got together right and we all played basketball and ultimate Frisbee. but the things was I didn’t have shoes that worked to run in because the basketball shoes that I brought with me had parts falling off and there were holes in the shoes to the point that it hurt me to walk in them and I could put my finger through the holes. So what I did was take out 40 bucks and bought a new pair. Mom really I needed them because in the morning I want to run and shoot hoops but I didn’t have shoes to play in. so I bought these ones. If you want mom you can take it out of my birthday money it’s just that I was dying. lol the thing that suck is that they don’t have my size here in this country right!!! so I spent an hour looking around for my size but the biggest I could find was like 10 and those were cheap but when they were like 12 they were like 100 and more. Really I couldn’t find my size and all I wanted was a cheap pair to last me 3 months, but I couldn’t find a cheap pair my size so I got these ones for 40. The good thing is I like them and I will bring them after the mish to use at home. They are Airwalks. But I think maybe I’ll send you guys a pic next week of my new shoes. You know how I like my shoes. lol i don’t want you guys to go broke because I am in Ecuador just spending all this money. lol but then again you guys seem to have a lot of money since I left. lol new tv, new computer, going to buy a wii. lol you do you want to know what my opinion is on the new Wii??? BUY THE THING!!!! I am going to need a way to get back in shape when I get home and why not the Wii!! lol just playing, but really, buy it. I am very supportive of this new Keables life. lol ok so what else can I tell you all about? Ok hey so we have someone that should be getting baptized this next week that is coming, on the 28 I think. So if you could, can you all keep Dani Veronica in your prayers? If you can that would be great. We are working hard right now but it’s been a little bit difficult. But we are excited for her because she seems like she really likes the church. We are still looking for new people that will be more interested. So I’ll let you know how the rest of our investigators are doing later. Ok well I really don’t know that else to write you about. Anyway, fam and friends I love you all. I just want you all to know that I am loving the mission still. It really is the best 2 years. The church is true and I know it. Love you all very much and miss you all. Have a great week and will be talking soon. As in next week. lol much love,

Elder Keables- from this guy!!!

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