Monday, February 14, 2011

I am stoked to have 6 months more to work like crazy!

Hi everyone!

Hey Happy Valentine’s Day! Wow that’s so weird to say lol. It really doesn’t feel like it’s Valentine’s Day except for all the people selling hearts and bears and all that good stuff in the street. lol it’s probably a good thing that it doesn’t feel like it though. lol That’s so crazy that Dad and Ryan went on a snow trip. I can’t even imagine what that would be like. The only time I ever feel cold is when I sit in front of a air conditioning. Sleeping in a snow cave, that sounds like it would be so cold that I would straight up die. lol I can’t believe that Janae is going to be 19 years old and that Melissa is going to be 15. When I see pics of them you can really see that they are starting to grow up and its freaking me out. ok mom so before I forget I was going to ask you about the scriptures case again. So I talked to the guy about making one for my English quad and he said that it would cost about 55 bucks to get it done. What do you think? Is it ok if I go ahead and get on made for me? ok ya moving on. So how is Jordan doing? He looks like he is really enjoying his experience there in Mexico. Those pics are way cool and please just keep on sending them because I love to see pics of the fam. ok so I gotta tell you about how things are going here for us with me and Elder Smith. ok so right now we have 4 people with dates for baptisms. ok so really I feel like the Lord has blessed us so much in this last week. One day we were contacting and we knocked on this door and this lady answered the door. Before I could tell her who we were she was opening the door and letting us in. She told us that two days back she and her fam had just moved in, actually on Sunday to be exact. On Wed. we found her. She said that on Tuesday she had been praying to know what she should do or what path she should take. She prayed to ask God to send her a sign. The next day we showed up at her door and she was almost crying for joy. She went to church, loved it and also is really excited to be baptized on the 26 of this month. Also we contacted this fam in the park and on Sat we taught them for the first time, and on Sunday they went to church. Sunday night we visited them and put a date for the 26 also. It’s a family of 5 and three of them can be baptized. It’s a younger couple that have three kids. They are way cool and they so want to get baptized. If you want to know what the dad of the fam looks like just look up Nelly the singer. lol because that’s what he looks like. lol be we are way excited and really feel the Lord has blessed us so much. We also have a lot more people that we are teaching. Really I love this sector, and I am stoked to have 6 months more to work like crazy! Anyway I gotta get going, but I’ll be writing the next week. I hope everything is going great for you all and I hope you all have a really great week. Love you all and miss you all.

Love, Elder Keables

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