Monday, January 31, 2011

We are walking everywhere and talking with everyone...


Hey fam what up?? I hope all is going great with all of you. Well I am doing great. Time is going by so fast. I felt like I just wrote you, but it’s cool- I’m willing to write again. ok so there were changes this last week and now I have a new companion. Elder Zimmerman went to Milagro and I am still here in la Pradera. Yup but it’s all cool. I am enjoying my time here so much. ya well my new comp’s name is Elder Smith and he is from Washington state. He is a big boy- let’s just say that!!! lol Elder Smith is in his first week here in Ecuador so that probably means that I am training again. lol but really he acts like he has as much time as me. lol he really is a great missionary and a really hard worker. I mean really hard. lol I think the Lord wants me to play basketball when I get off the mish because he put me with Elder Smith lol or president received some revelation. Really Elder Smith is way big and really into working out. Before the mish he was bench pressing 320 and squatting 500. Walking With Elder Zimmerman I felt like the Hulk but now walking with Elder Smith I feel like Elastic man. lol Every morning we have been waking up early to be able to do more work outs. On Friday I did leg work outs for the first time in all my mish and today is Monday and it still hurts to sit down. No joke, I was walking or better said waddling down the streets this last week. I think by tomorrow I will be good to do more leg work outs. But no joke I have a feeling with Elder Smith I am going to by gaining more weight. Also, he has got me eating like the healthiest food and looking at the nutrition facts on the back of everything. lol I am pumped!! I can’t wait to get big again. lol. And it feels good have a workout buddy. lol also we are working really hard in the Lord’s work. This last week we had a baptism and it turned out just great. We have three more people with baptism dates that should be getting baptized in this coming month. And we are walking everywhere and talking with everyone. The work is going just great. I couldn’t be happier with where I am and what I am doing. I’ll send you guys some pics of the baptism with this message or with another so that you can see who got baptized and who is my comp and how big he really is. Adriana got baptized. She was the one we were teaching a few weeks back but couldn’t get baptized at that time, but everything turned out great, and she was able to get baptized. Man this computer won’t let me send those pics. I might send them with another message. Oh so to answer your other question- yes Cody is still in my zone and we are just ballin it up here baptizing people. Cody is really doing great I think. He looks really happy. Yesterday I saw him and it looks like he is understanding the language a lot more now. Also, he is having a baptism with his comp. I am super glad that he is doing so well. lol ok so I am going to rap this letter up because I still gotta write pres. I just want you all do have a great week. I hope things are going great back at home. I love you all very much and miss you all a lot.

With love,

Elder Keables

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  1. I hope someday I can watch him play bball on tv. Pretty much, that'd be a dream come true!