Monday, January 24, 2011

I love the mish and I love you all ...

Hey Fam!!

Hey fam! How are you all!! Well I had just a fine week. Which I’ll tell you all about after I answer the questions mom had for me. ok mom so talking about the custom made leather case. So the thing is it like my Bible and my Book of Mormon are two different books so I would have to buy two cases and that I think is going to cost more. I could buy one for my scriptures in English but I am not sure what you want me to do. If I buy it for my English scripts it might be better because then I could carry them to church in the case but ya idk, you tell me what you think. Ok so talking about my suit, do you think I should get it tailored? Does it look too big in the pics. When I put it on I really don’t notice the difference, but I am sure you guys do. But I’ll check to see how much it would cost. ok cool. It’s so crazy to think that Jordan is in Mexico right now and that Taylor is getting ready for his mish. And are you serious about Chris Ackerman getting back from the mish? Did he really leave 6 months before me? How is he doing? Did he change a lot or is he about the same? That’s so wack!! Man I can’t believe how quick time is gong by- it’s so insane. Anywho- so talking about new things. This week we had another baptism. I told you about the Hermana Marcela right. She is the lady that is in the other sector where we are working. Well she got baptized on Sat and confirmed on Sunday of this week. She is the one who I was telling you all about the last week. The one where we all went to visit her and she started to cry- ya her. She got baptized and it was a really nice baptism. About 20 people showed up and it turned out really nice. We are still working with the Hermana Clara she should be getting baptized in just a few weeks, maybe even this week. Also a few weeks ago I told you about the Hermana Adriana, well she also might get baptized this week if things turn out good. We are working hard and doing our best so that the both of them can have the opportunity to get baptized this week, but we will see. Tonight in we are going to have changes and me and Elder Zimmerman already have two changes with each other, so we will see what happens. I guess you all have to wait until the next week to hear about the changes. lol If I knew I would tell you all but they haven’t told us yet. Hey mom- you were talking about me going to the airport in Chico, well did you know that elder Vuivoc or something like that is the new secretary. He is the elder from Sac that’s good friends with Kyle Wagner, but ya so I think he should know there is an airport in maybe.

I just want you all do know that I am doing great. I love the mish and I love you all and miss you all very much. Please say hi to everyone for me. Until next week. love you all!

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