Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It was really a sincere and true testimony...

September 27, 2010
Hey fam!!

Hey guys!!! How are you all?? OK- I am so glad that you got the CD that I sent you and that you enjoyed it. I am way excited for my new sector because I am sure that I'll be able to take so many more pics than I would if I was in Guayaquil. There are so many things to do here and so many places to see. I found out that our sector also includes two other little cities even smaller then the one we live in. On Weds we have a trip planned out to go to one of them and contact the people there. It's about two hours away so we will spend the whole day there contacted and talking with the people. OK that is the best news that I have heard in a long time. Taylor is working on his papers! I am so stoked to find out were he will go. After Cody's call I think anything's is possible. lol tell him I said keep up the good work. I am sure that Cody is starting to feel a little nervous just like everyone feels right before leaving. He is going to have such a blast in the MTC. and he is only going to be there 3 weeks and then he will go to the other MTC in Colombia or something like that. Man I am so pumped. lol
OK- so to answer some of the questions that you had mom. How is it with the Catholics? Well it's going great. We have one lady that we are teaching that has a date for the 3rd week in Oct. her name is Rosa and she is way cool. lol She always gives us food to eat when we teach her. oh Really there are a lot of Catholics but its normal. I thought it would be different then Guayaquil but it’s about the same. I know that we are going to have success here. It’s just going to take a lot of work and a lot of faith, but it’s not a bad sector because the missionaries before me had 3 baptisms in like 4 months. ok the members are way cool. There are so many members here, but only like 35 are active. It’s really sad because there really are so many members but they just don’t go to church. I heard that there are more then 200 but we only had 34 at church yesterday. The church building is so small! I’ll have to take pics and send them to show you all. lol it really is sooo small. I have gotten to know a lot of the members because everyday we eat with them. Oh and I have had some of the craziest food here. They eat a lot of different things compared to where I was before. So in this last week I have tried so many different foods. Some good and some bad. lol like yesterday we went to eat at this member’s house and she gave us this stuff. Really I don’t know what you would call it, but all I can say is it did not set well with me. It was like a huge pile of corn with potatoes and cheese all mixed together. lol after eating we went to church because the reunion was about to start. With about 5 minutes to the starting of the reunion I started feeling it. lol I had to take a long trip to the bathroom and when I was sitting there I heard them start the meeting. lol it was so embarrassing because I came in like 5 or 10 minutes late to the meeting and as I walked in the president of the branch presented me as the new elder in the branch. lol it was embarrassing because everyone knew that I was in the bathroom because there is only 4 actually 5 rooms including the bathroom in the church. lol so everyone knew that the food did me wrong. lol so that was my first impression that I gave to the members. lol no it really wasn’t that bad but I was freaking out at he time. But everyone is way cool here and way down to earth. lol what else can I tell you guys about? Oh, hey today is p-day so we have a trip planned out to go to a river that’s by our house and go swimming!!! Lol just joking- we are going to go fishing with some members. lol yup fishing- you all know how much i love to fish. I am so stoked. ok so I have something else to tell you guys about. So our house, like I was saying, is way rich and super nice, but at the same time there are a few things that kind of stink. First is that our house is right by a dirt road like the one going to Philbrook Lake and a lot of people drive on it. So in our house there is so much dust. lol no joke I cant do the Michael Jackson Moonwalk dance lake crazy. Everything is really dusty. OK other thing that kind of stinks is that randomly during the day and at night they turn of the water in our house. So we have to fill up a huge bucket of water in the shower so that we can wash ourselves. We don’t have any hot water so the way we shower is with that big bucket of water. We have a smaller bucket in the little bucket that we fill with water and pour over ourselves to shower. Really we just shower with two buckets of water and it’s always freezing!! But its cool- we get clean. lol so that’s another thing about the house. I’ll have to take a video of the house to show you all lol. and some pics. OK- so I am sending a pic that I took of our sector or of the city. We had just left a member’s house from eating lunch and that’s the view that they have. Oh so one thing more before I go. So on Friday of this week I did my first interview for someone who was getting baptized. It was an investigator of the sister missionaries in our sector. I had a nice little interview with her and she passed. She got baptized on Saturday the next day. It was really cool to be able to be the one giving the interview. It was an older lady and she was really nice. At the end of the interview I asked if she could share her testimony. She shared with me really how she felt and how glad she was to have the chance to be baptized and having found the sister missionaries. It was really a sincere and true testimony. She was soo ready for her baptism. Anyway I better be finishing this because I still have to write president. Fam, I love you all and miss you all so much and that also goes to everyone one else. Friends, family, and everyone, thanks for everything!!!
Love you all!!!

With love, Elder Keables

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