Monday, August 23, 2010

We asked him if he would like to be baptized and he said yes...

August 23, 2010


Hey family how are you all??? Mom, Dad thanks a lot for the letters, it’s always so nice to hear what’s going on back at home, and it is so weird to how much is changing!! It’s not even cool that you guys get to go camping and backpacking! I miss that kind of stuff so much!! But its all good! I am going to send you guys some pics showing you some of the stuff that I have done in this last week!!! ok first pic in which I am playing basketball we took today. The district went to the church today and we all played a few games of basket. It was soo nice to pick up a ball again and get some good exercises. Even though am doing them in the morning it’s a lot different. Right now I am feeling like I am not going to be able to walk because I am so sore and my legs are so tired. lol I miss basketball so much! But it’s all good. The mission is sick. ok The other pics are from the last p-day when we went to el faro or lighthouse. We took some sick pics and also saw some sweet stuff. It’s so beautiful there that it made me think how cool it would be to show all you guys or take you all there. I know that you all would love it. The other pic is of an investigator that we are teaching. Almost everyone in his family are members. He was really catholic and never wanted to be baptized, but me and my comp were visiting the family and bringing them the Sacrament because they couldn’t go to church. He was taking it for awhile but we found out that he wasn’t a member and shouldn’t be taking every Sunday. We told him that we would love to keep bring it to him but he has to be a member. We asked him if he would like to be baptized and he said yes. So these last two Sundays he has been going to church and he is way excited. When we first started teaching them they were a little bit inactive but they are going to church and we are helping them out a lot. His name is Alejandro Sanchez and he has 10 kids and is married. One of his kids lives in Sacramento and works in the temple a lot in Sacramento. I think I asked you guys about that earlier. But Alejandro is really cool. He can’t walk or talk very well because he has been sick for so long. When we first started teaching him he couldn’t talk at all or just a little but now that we visit him a lot he is talking so much and responding to our questions. We have his baptism date set up for the Saturday and we are praying that everything will turn out good. It’s going to be interesting to baptize him but I am sure it’s going to be a great experience.

Anyway, that all about the pics so that you can understand where they came from. oh and yes Lili, I did make the jump shot in the pic that I sent. I don't know why, but I had it in my mind or I imagined Lili and Mari seeing that pic and laughing and saying that I probably missed the shot, but nope it was gooooooood. I still got my game- just a little bit rusty!! lol oh I also got a haircut today by another missionary in the house and it turned out pretty good.!!! lol hey so I was thinking about when Cody gets here and how weird that’s going to be lol and it came to my mind that Cody is coming in the most craziest time ever!!! He will be just getting here for Christmas and also for NEW YEARS!!! That’s so crazy!! He is going to think Ecuadorians are crazy lol but that’s so sick! I know he is going to love it. I already sent you guys the pics of that!! I cant believe that it’s coming up again. Only 3 more months and it will be Christmas-. que loco! lol ok so I really don’t know what more to tell you guys about. I do want to save some time to write Julia so I am going to cut it short and if I have time after I write her and president then I’ll send another email, but I don’t think so. I just want you guys all to know that Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission is the sickest in the world, and that I love the mission! I also love you all so much!! And I’m so grateful for all that you do for me and the impact that you all have in my life. I have the best family in the world. Also I want you all to know that I know that this is the true church and that this is his work! I know the He loves us and we receive blessing in this life through our obedience. I know that he has given us scriptures, prophets, leaders, prayer, His Son Jesus Christ, and so many other things or our benefit and it’s up to us if to take advantage of these things. He loves us and has given us everything necessary to return and live with Him, His Son and our families for eternity. All these things are found in his Gospel. Those who know these things can and should help others to know these things. I love this work and I love the plan that the Lord has for every one of us. I love you all and miss you all!!

With Love,

Elder Keables

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