Monday, August 9, 2010’s so important what missionaries do!

August 9, 2010
Hey fam!!!
Hey family! How are you all? How was your trip to the Redwoods? That’s so sick I am so jealous that I couldn’t go! I really miss some good old family bonding and some good old camping! That’s crazy that Jordan goes back to school in only two weeks and also I think that this week the high schools start up again. I can’t believe that I am going to finish one year in the mission this week. Don’t worry I’ll get some sick pics. Man times are changing so much, it’s crazy! ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only one more to go- lol not like I am counting, lol because I’m not! That’s crazy that Whitney already has gone home. It feels like yesterday she was telling me how she was excited for the trip and today I got a message that said that she is home already! Man that is super said about Chris Benton. I didn’t know that he had such big drug problems! I am sure that it’s been really hard on the Mohr family! It just seems that so many people are passing away when I am in the mission, and I feel like it’s all not happening. It’s weird because here you don’t hear anything about what’s happening at home so when I hear from you it just doesn’t feel real or true. That’s super sad because Chris was such a cool kid and so funny. I remember so many good times that we had together in Scouts and church and everything. Mom you are so right, having a knowledge of the Gospel makes it so much easier to understand and confront the trials that we have in life. For that reason it’s so important what missionaries do! It’s important that everyone gets the chance to hear this message and really change their lives, or that is if they accept it.
Ok so to answer some of the questions that you had for me mom. Ok so yes my companions name is Elder Hernandez and he is from Guatemala and this is his 4th change in the mission. We did have changes this morning, but I am still with my comp in the same sector. The other two missionaries that lived with us got changed and now there are two new missionaries living with us. Elder Thayne and his companion who doesn’t get here until tomorrow because he is new. So in the house we will have two North Americans and two South Americans or natives. So it’s going be sick. Also, yes are transfers are every 6 weeks, but we had one that was 7 weeks, so my mission was extended another week. So I should be getting home in the third week in August next year! lol CRAZY!!!! lol that should be right. Ok so I think those were the only questions that you had for me. Ok so I have some good news. So I told you guys way back in my other letters about two investigators that I had. Carmon Constante and Carmon ? lol(dont remember the other last name). But I talked with my trainer today, Elder Salcedo, and he said that they both got baptized!! lol I know so sweet, no?? the both of them are people or investigators that me and my companion found. I thought they wouldn’t get baptized, but they both did. I heard that today and it made my day! It made my year!! We as missionaries a lot of time are just planting seeds and hoping that they will grow and praying. I guess we will never know the impact that we have had on the lives of people until the after this life. But that was something that was so cool to hear. I also have a few funny stories from this week, but I might have to save them for another time or just my journal. It was a very interesting week, let’s just say that. lol. But pretty much everything interesting here in Ecuador. lol Man Cody is going to love it here!! Anyway I better get going! Mom thanks for the weekly letters, they make me feel so home sick or trunky they would say here. lol But really thanks mom and everyone else for everything! I love you all and miss you all!! I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you or write you the next week. I love you all and miss you!!

Elder Keables

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