Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I know the Lord will protect us always...

June 8, 2010
Hey Family!!!
Hey you guys!!! How are you all?? It sounds like you are all doing great. I can’t believe that it’s already summer. Are you guys getting excited about the trip to see Whitney? That sounds like a lot of fun! Tell whit I said hi and that I love her!! So you guys sold the big blue!! I can’t believe that! You guys sold the chick magnet? Now what am I going to do when I get back? Lol just jokin I don’t think that it will be necessary. Ok so Ryan thinks he can beat me? lol we will see about that. Lol no I don’t think I will be able to keep up with Ryan because I was having troubles before the mission, and I can only imagine that he has gotten so much better. Anyway it sounds like you guys are doing great. Well I am also doing really good here in the mish. Time is going by fast, I think I already told you that. I can’t believe that Chase Brown will be home soon and that Cody Storm will leave soon or better said, he will know where he is going. That’s crazy!! Ok dad to answer some of your questions. So one of the investigators that we have right now is one family named Alonzo. It’s a famiy of 3 a mom and dad and a 11 year old girl. The mom is member who got baptized like 30 years ago but doesn’t remember it very well. So she is not active. How did we meet them? Me and my comp were at the park next to our house with a table of stuff that talks about the family. We were talking with families as they passed by. My comp was talking to another family, so went over to talk contact them because he is a really tall guy and I thought I might be able to talk about basketball or something to start off. So when I went over to talk to him we started talking. I found out that they lived in our sector and that his wife was member. When I asked him if we could visit he said that he would love it, because he doesn’t know anything about us. I am very proud to say that I got the reference all by myself!! Lol we then went to visit them the next week. In our first lesson or at the end of the first session we asked him if he would prepare to be baptized in 4 weeks. He said he would think about it. On the second lesson we checked up on him and he accepted the date for the 26 of this month. It was funny because in the first lesson that we had with him we had a member with us who is a missionary returned. He thought that we were crazy for putting the date in the first lesson, but at the end of that lesson he said that it was amazing because he felt the Spirit so strong. You know what is crazy? President Johns said that we as missionaries should put a date for baptism in the very first lesson every single time. He said that there are so many people that are ready and prepared for this message or those that are chosen that we shouldn’t waste our time with those who aren’t. It is so true. There are those that the Lord prepares for us and we need to find them. We teach that the true gospel has been restored and that the only way to know for yourself is read and pray and we should focus on those who are prepared, those who have the desire to know, those we read the Book of Mormon, meditate on the message that it contains and then pray with real intent of heart, with faith, to know whether or not these things are true. There are those that the Lord has prepared that are ready to do those things and we should focus on them. But I am talking way too much. Ok also Stalyn, he got baptized a few weeks ago, is doing great. He has the priesthood and a few Sundays back I got to see him bless and pass the sacrament for the very first time, which was such a cool experience. He is going to seminary every day and going to church too. He is trying with everything he has to prepare for a mission. In all his prayers he asks the Lord to help him prepare to serve the mission. He really is doing great. We have two more with dates to get baptized, but they need to really receive a stronger testimony, so we are working on that with them. Lol do you know what is so funny. I am trying to write in English but the words keep coming up in my mind in Spanish. Sometimes I don’t know if what I’m saying makes since because it does in Spanish. Slowly but sure my Spanish is getting better and better, but at the same time my English is getting worse. Lol ok so really quickly about what happened when that person got stabbed. Well I was in a different sector and we had just left a house that some of the missionaries were looking at to buy or rent because they have to change houses. When the owner had just finished showing us around and telling us that the sector is really nice and very calm, we left the house and there were a lot of police and people standing all around. The police had their guns ready to shoot. I looked like 3 doors down and there was a guy lying on the ground moving around. I really don’t know what happened. All I know is that he had just gotten stabbed. When the guy who got hurt left in a car there was blood all over the ground . Not to sure if he lived or died. I think he lived. Oh and to tell you about what happened with the robbery, I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote to president. Because we need to write the president when stuff happens like this. To tell you a little bit about when me and my companion got robbed. We had just gotten on the bus to go to one of our lesson that was on the other side of our sector. We were on the bus for about 3 minutes when two guys stood up. One of them went to the front of the bus and said something to the driver when he turned around he had a gun in his hang. Both of the guys robbed just about everyone in the bus that had a cell phone or something valuable. When he asked me what I had, I told him that all we had was books. After that they both got off the bus. The good thing is that we didn’t lose anything and that we got to our lesson on time without any harm done. But really it was a little scary, but I feel that the Lord protected us and always will if we are obedient. lol well that’s what happened. Well I think its time to go. I have written a lot. I want you all to know that I love you all very much and I miss you soo much. Mom don’t worry- me and my comp are doing our best to be obedient, and I know the Lord will protect us always.. I love all you guys with all my heart. Les amo muchisimo!! Oh and Ill send pics next week.

Con Amor, Elder Keables

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