Monday, November 23, 2009

I have to say that the baptism made up for every single hard thing that I have gone through...

November 23, 2009

Hey family or mom! lol
Ok this is probably going to be the shortest message you will ever get from me. Because of the rain here in Ecuador, or the lack of, we don’t have electricity in the nights after 6 o clock. No rain, no light- that’s how it’s been this last week. It’s been hard to teach because we aren’t allowed to be out when there are no lights, because it’s not safe. But ya I just wanted to tell you that I’m safe. We had a baptism this last Sat 22nd. I’m going to send this and then try and write a longer one. If the lights turn off then this is all I can send this week. I love you all and miss you all very much. Oh and one of my roommates got transferred today.

Con Amor,
Elder Keables

Hey Family again.
Lol I hope I can send this-
OK- so yes we had a baptism this week for Rafael Barre. It was on Sat at 8pm. It went great! I took a video and some pics and I will send those to you later. I have to say that the baptism made up for every single hard thing that I have gone through in the mission. It makes up for the homesickness , spending 24/7 with a companion, falling down the stairs, lol, all the rejections, pretty much it was the most amazing experience ever! It’s so cool to be a part of something that will change this Rafael’s life and his family’s for this life and for eternity. At the baptism, I felt the Spirit so strongly, and I think everyone else did, too. I think that Rafael’s wife will accept baptism in a matter of time. The baptism was quick, me and another member of the ward gave quick messages, we sang a few hymns, and my comp performed the baptism. We watched the Restoration movie, which was nice because a lot of his family was there and they aren’t members. Anyway, I really gotta send this. It’s six o’clock and the lights are supposed to go out right now. We have another baptism this week on Sat, I hope. I’m still in the same sector and have the same comp, but we have a new roommate. Oh and I gave a 10 minute talk in church yesterday. Lol I don’t think they understood I thing I said. Anyway, I miss you all and love you all.
Very much.
Elder Keables

Hey Family,
OK, so I was writing and the lights went out and I lost my third letter to you guys. Me and my comp walked out of the place and looked across the street and saw that they have lights . We than realized that they never lose lighting, and that we could of just walked across the street and not worried about the time. Anyway so I got your letters on Tues with the CD’s in it. Mom thank you so much, I love the music. Ryan and Melissa thanks for the letters, I loved them. Ryan your handwriting is really good, don’t worry about it. Yours is probably better than mine. Anyway I gotta go, but thank you for the letters I loved them. I am doing great. It’s the beginning of the second change today. I had my first baptism on Sat, so things couldn’t be better. I promise next week’s letter will be longer. I love you all and miss you for the third time lol, but really I couldn’t say it enough. Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Keables

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